Card Captor Sakura : Kinomoto Sakura Lovely Kitten (FuRyu)

Can’t get enough of CCS? (๑✧◡✧๑) Here’s my 2nd post birthday tribute for Sakura-chan! And because I consider April as her month so this might go on for a little while!DSC_0463DSC_0464Prize Figures from FurYu are improving drastically, and this Lovely Kitten proves it all! But before the main course lets segway first with some CCS UFO plushies I won! YayDSC_0510-1DSC_0512-2 DSC_0515-3Okay now going back to the figure proper :pDSC_0465DSC_0467I was glad that finally, Sakura’s other outfit are getting into spotlights. The light pink is rather getting boring from Nendo to Figma, even the scaled one! Besides, Tomoyo has been working so hard sewing her bff’s costumes so why not give those credits!DSC_0470However the base is just a plain black circle but her boots is looking good.DSC_0473Major improvement in my observation is probably the hair and the shape of her face. Not too thin and not too chubby! Her neko headband is looking pretty as well!
DSC_0477DSC_0494DSC_0486DSC_0482The sealing wand is also well crafted and has a clean paint job! Lesser stains this time.DSC_0491DSC_0472 DSC_0481Moreover I am quite amazed by the refined details on her entire dress. Better and smoother folds on the skirt part, or rather much better actually compared to the Cherry version I had last time.DSC_0496DSC_0497DSC_0480DSC_0484DSC_0483DSC_0492Unlike with the previous Sakura Prize, Lovely Kitten comes in with a Kero-chan which is really a thumbs up! Kero is detacheable and he looks too adorable clinging by sakura’s arm.DSC_0490DSC_0485(1)DSC_0488DSC_0506Generally speaking, the figure does really goes by its name. It is lovely and pretty cute. I am happy that it has a Keroberus, the little guy needs more exposure I must say :p Well, I’m also hoping for more CCS prize figures in the future (with different costumes huh) and may these manufacturer continue their developments because I truly believe that prize figures definitely needs more love! And besides being cheap is not a valid reason to lessen the quality. It’s their choice having it on a low price at the first place!

And so lets have a last look with our Lovely neko!DSC_0499DSC_0471DSC_0487




10 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura : Kinomoto Sakura Lovely Kitten (FuRyu)

  1. She is definitely lovely!! Glad to know these things are improving somehow. There’s that yellow one coming up soon, maybe it’ll look good too..or I hope so lol

    1. It’s that yellow one that’s next I guess. So far I love this lovely Kitten more than the first one. Plus it has a Keroberus ☺️ I’m not sure if the third one has a kero-chan too >_<

    1. Mehehe thank you ☺️ though most of them are just super affordable prize figures xD good thing they’re quite improving lately in terms of quality 😚

    1. The best so far in terms of the latest prize figures of Sakura ☺️ I love how this one turned out. Hoping that the next ones will be good too 😁 and thank you btw 😚

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