Nendoroid : Ayase Eli Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

Welcoming the fourth Idol release from Love Live! Eli-oneesan!DSC_0458-1DSC_0459-2DSC_0460-3Of all the idols so far, Eli is the only one that I have this GSC bonus stage box. I did not mind having those at the first place..but now I feel like I need them for all the girls :ODSC_0462-4Anyways moving on with Eli-chan! The half russian idol of  μ’s, I like it when there’s this hafu in the group!DSC_0464-6DSC_0465-7DSC_0466-8She is a Senior of Otonokizaka High School, a student council president, policy-dedicated character, confident and has an undeniable beauty! A perfect role model most would say.DSC_0463-5Despite being reluctant of having an Idol group in their school before, Eli eventually gave in with the idea and seemed to be, of course interested as the situation progressed. And as long as it can help to save their school she would definitely do anything!

Her being a half russian and a blonde reminds me of Varona from Durarara!!x2 Shou and she has a lovely sculpted hair I must say.DSC_0467-9 DSC_0471-13Like I mentioned last time with Kotori, by and by the Love Live nendoroids are indeed improving in terms of details. And I somehow love it because it makes you feel that the quality is compensating with the scanty package! (Loving that necktie brooch!)DSC_0468-10 DSC_0469-11 DSC_0470-12Now looking closer to her other face plate and gestures.DSC_0473-14DSC_0474-15Her smile is looking so vibrant! It really shows how realible and confident of a person Eli is. She is also very loving to her younger sister that is why I am personally fond of calling her oneesan!DSC_0481-22 DSC_0475-16

“I’m saying that practically nobody feels that they’re talented. That’s what makes us strive to improve. As we strive to improve, we notice the people around us improving too, which makes us work even harder. I guess you could say friends are like rivals, in a way.”


“If we give up before we try, then nothing is going to happen.”

DSC_0477-18Well guys what can you say with our oppai Oneesan ? And btw, I just recently noticed that the girls are being released according to their birthdays, well I’m sorry I’m just a meer weeabo lol. Anyways we  still have a loooong way to go  before they are complete! That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed singing along with Eli-oneesan and looking forward for the next in line idol!DSC_0488-26DSC_0487-25



6 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Ayase Eli Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

    1. I might pass on the figmas and figuarts version of love live 😓 because I am looking forward more to their future scaled figures ☺.️ However I don’t have any likings so far with whatever scaled that has been released 😔 so I am yet waiting for the right one or sets I must say 😉.

  1. These past few days, I’ve been reading Love Live! yuri doujins despite not having watched the anime itself. Hehehe. I must say I’m interested in the characters (and the pairings!). They’re lovely. It’s no wonder LL is a big hit.

    1. Hahahahahaha !!!! I love your reference and same here, though I just read few doujins as of now 🙂 They’re mobile game is also a big factor for them. Ive known some who spends so much to get all those ranks. I do play too but not a pro lol, my hand-eye coordination is quite poor 😑.

  2. Oh yeah, forgot about the games but they’re all over the place. It’s really popular. Too bad I can’t play it because I only have a feature phone, not an android/iPhone. I did try to install it on my PC via BlueStack, but it ate up most of my hard drive space, so I gave up the idea of playing it on PC. Guess I’ll just wait until I get an android phone. I’m not a pro, too, as my osu! stats would indicate. Hehehe. I just enjoy the feeling of playing such games, though.

    1. True!!! Especially when its too mainstream hehehe sometimes I just wanna blend in lol. Though I personally like playing it too not just for bandwagoning 😗

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