Haikyuu!! : Hinata Shouyou ~Players Series~ 1/8 (Takara Tomy)

Ahh.. I miss the Team! I miss the thrill of watching them play 😦
DSC_0464-6The base is a replica of a gym floor, which reminds me of Slam Dunk figures where you can snap them together and form a whole team in play.

The thing that supports the entire figure in midair is kinda awkward for me to look at (at somepoint). ..probably because of the way it was positioned on the groin area :ODSC_0471-12
The set also came in with a volley ball and an adorable Hinagarasu mascot.
DSC_0500-37Aww look at the little fella (゜▼゜*)DSC_0501-38

I was doutbful about this figure at the beginning but then, I decided to have it anyway :p and it actually looks cooler in person!

A very prominent part of this figure series is the sculpting which I must say is very precise in all angles. I somehow like how the shoes turned out, like its all worn out due to all the games and practices they’ve played so far.DSC_0476-15
Those legs looks mm mmmm (´‿`) .. The one that gives Hinata all the power to jump incredibly and run all over the court for he is the ultimate chibi decoy!DSC_0484-23And his biceps~~ the powerhouse for a destructive spike!DSC_0483-22
Even the uniform is beautifully done. Precise folds and creases, which makes it surreal to look at.
Hinata’s pose in this figure also shows how he’s too energetic when he plays. Basically matches the player’s personality. I am loving the expression he has, the thrill of having the ball tossed at him. The excitement of spiking it with everything! An all or nothing attack!DSC_0514-48The painting and scultping on the face and hair is undeniably perfect as well. The mouth is always the scary part and the most with flaws but in this figure, its just superb! ☆☆☆☆☆DSC_0503-39DSC_0513-47DSC_0495-32In the end, I do not regret having this figure and I am glad I actually did have it.DSC_0506-42Little Hinata in awe with his bigger self. (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)DSC_0519-53 DSC_0516-50I can’t wait to have Kageyama pose side by side with Hinata (。◝‿◜。) So what do you think guys? Would you give this figure a shot?DSC_0509-44



6 thoughts on “Haikyuu!! : Hinata Shouyou ~Players Series~ 1/8 (Takara Tomy)

  1. I like how you angled you photos in such a way that Hinata looks like he’s flying like the little giant he is XD

    Lovely photos! I’m a big haikyuu fan and I debated getting this figure… it’s really nice!

    1. Same here! I really doubted at first because the harness support type is a turn off 😭😭😭 I wish they made it like with the ones from Kuroko… But sigh we just can’t have everything in a figure 😔

  2. That thing between his thighs, though. I know it holds the figure in position, but it’s the first time I’ve seen one like that and it kinda bothered me. Nonetheless, I think the figure is good! But what I truly felt was that this 1/8 figure’s Hinata face doesn’t look like Hinata. O_O

    1. The trauma and horror of that harness support 😱 I wish they could have made it like the ones in Kuroko, have you seen it? Its attached to their backs and they are “on air” as well 😦 but oh well..

      1. I feel you on that. I saw someone’s work in MFC .. They kinda made their own base and support for him (the one attached to the back, they drilled the back actually wew) however it turned out pretty awesome o.o I hope the real thing was like that at the first place 😭

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