Card Captor Sakura : Lip Balm and Powder Cheek Cosmetics (Bandai)

It’s Monday Madness and the dragging Holy Week  finally ended.. but I still feel awful for a lot of reasons but one definitely remains to be the best of them all. The deferral of THIS post 😦DSC_0461-2 DSC_0460-1DSC_0462-3I pre-ordered this on Bandai’s site last January the moment it was announced, and when my proxy updated me with the shipment I was so happy because I knew it was going to be right on time for Sakura’s upcoming birthday. Yes, fans of CCS would surely be aware that April 1st is Sakura-chan’s day! Though unfortunately my supposedly special birthday post was well, perfectly ruined. The package arrived exactly on March 1 but hello holiday! No post office so I had no choice but to wait till today.

Anyways!!! At least its here now and still this is going to be my special tribute for Sakura!DSC_0464-4Its also her first ever line of cosmetics! Since Sailor Moon has also released their own why not Sakura as well :p and hopefully MKR too! So that’s how the set looks inside, its well wrapped in that usual plastic thing.

Now first, looking closely at the Cheek Powder perfectly designed in a mini Clow Book. Modeling her own line is ours truly, Sakura herself!DSC_0465-5DSC_0474-13DSC_0467-7DSC_0466-6Certified licensed by Clamp!DSC_0475-14Taking a look what’s inside. The book does really replicates the real thing from inside out, that Windy card is made out of a thin rough sheet covering the powder just like with your typical compacts and also to prevent the powder from getting all over the Clow Book . The whole concept of this make-up really does mesmerizes me!DSC_0469-8DSC_0471-10Written on the inner cover of the book is Sakura’s chant when she releases a certain card.DSC_0470-9The cute powder in pink!DSC_0472-11DSC_0476-15Well the whole book’s material is made of both thick and regular cardboard, including where the powder is placed. So just make sure not to get it wet! And btw it does not come with a sponge.. though its not really a big deal for me.

Next is the super kawaii lip balm in Sakura flavor!DSC_0477-16Of course to complete the set, its gotta be the wand right 🙂DSC_0479-17Beautiful details on the mini Sealing Wand!DSC_0482-18 DSC_0484-20I don’t know “what” does it taste since I haven’t tried it yet and I doubt I will. I was even reluctant to roll it up but then, just for blog purposes, certain things has to be done :pDSC_0486-22DSC_0488-24Well, that’s all of it for now. It maybe late but still a Happy Happy  belated Birthday Sakura! I actually have 2 tribute posts for her and the 2nd one will have to wait for a while. Anyways regarding everything in this cosmetic set is adorable. As a fan I would NEVER think twice to purchase it. The concept is too cute and kudos to Bandai for that. Though personally I won’t use this..I don’t fee like ruining how it looks like now. Would you use it if you had one guys? or girls? lol And I am not quite sure regarding the powder if ever I’ll use it, because I know there are some who has a very sensitive skin types so be wary about that.

Alright, hope you had a great Easter Sunday as well! However I don’t have any special egg post because I was out of town for 2 days with my parents and yeah wasn’t able to prepare much and again, it’s too late for me to post about it anyways. Like I said, before I do the 2nd tribute for Sakura, I am into other stuffs for a while.. and it will be up right after this post! 🙂DSC_0459-1EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Clow Book is a perfect scale for BJD! I think Koko will enjoy cosplaying Sakura-chan :pDSC_0460

So okaaay..bye for now guys and thanks!DSC_0490-25



4 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura : Lip Balm and Powder Cheek Cosmetics (Bandai)

  1. Uwaaaa its really perfect for BJD! I was more happy to know that actually rather than the product itself lol. But anyways its a great collectible for CCS fans I must say.

  2. Hi Bubu-chan! are these items still available to buy online? been dying to have one.. I’m a beginner of collecting Cardcaptor Sakura items.. also a big fan of CCS!

    1. Hello May Gred.. I bought mine directly from Bandai’s official site. Here is the link
      Sometimes it also appears in Mandarake however I am not quite sure if there’s an available now. Anyways where are you from?
      When purchasing from Bandai though, they do not ship outside Japan but you can use proxy sites (I hope you are familiar with them) and they will ship your items purchased from Bandai. I am currently using FromJapan and have also used Buyee which is another proxy site.

      I’m sorry that’s all I know for now >.< I hope it helps somehow.

      And also since you mentioned you are a beginner with CCS Collecting you might be interested with this exclusive merchandise from CCS. Majority are a bit pricey but they're really cute 🙂 Here is the link for the site CLICK HERE

      Goodluck ^_^

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