Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Sailor Venus ~Girls Memories Figure~ (Banpresto)

As my last post for the month of March, and finally completing the Girls Memories Figure set of the Inner senshis. Lets take a look at the Sailor of Love and Beauty!DSC_0685-1DSC_0686-2
Now the pastel bases are finally complete πŸ™‚

Before I start, wordpress has been annoying lately trying to force me to use their new dash which is very troublesome. The new version when you make post is not good at all. I don’t like it so please stop forcing me! *rantDSC_0689-4
So going back to Venus..somehow I do find this figure titlting a bit which I’m not sure why? A defect? Or flaw because her legs are too close not enough to support her entire body weight? And since its rubbery it tends to bend! Her right arm is a cast off same with Jupiter so that makes two of them with a removable arms.DSC_0691-6
During my time when TV was the only source of watching anime and sorts I always thought Sailor Moon was the leader of the Inner senshi, well because blame the roll credits. And so Sailor Venus was the original leader. It will be pretty confusing of course for a child (me before) who have not read the manga.DSC_0702-16
Minako is definitely next in line with Rei in terms of leg battle (lol) maybe it has something to do with their type of shoes.

I really love their faces here, like all of them. So basically, Minako was the first ever Senshi (but last to join the other girls) and was working alone for months before finally she met the girls awakened by Luna. She on the other hand was awakened by Artemis, and fought the Dark Kingdom originally as Sailor V.DSC_0705-19
DSC_0715-28Minako and Usagi is pretty similar in some ways. Both are lazy if left alone. Minako’s grades is not too good in school (lol). Also physically they look a bit the same, blue eyes, blonde and long hair. However Minako is more athletic I must say and she was really devoted to her job as Sailor V even before the other girls appeared. (That’s purely my observation though).

And speaking, there you go. Her beautiful, (shiny) long blonde hair which kinda reminds me of Chitoge minus the gradient pink.

DSC_0699-13One thing I so much like about Minako is her fondness of video games which is cool right? She also has a thing for idols. And judging from her looks itself she would definitely make a good one!
Agent of Love and Beauty, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Venus! In the name of Love, I will punish you! DSC_0724-33
And yes that’s all of it for the Girls Memories Figure. The Inner Senshi is complete and fans are hopefully praying for the Outer ones as well! It’s not that impossible right? πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to it myself. So I hope you did enjoy our lovely Soldier of Love. Have you completed the GM series already? Well then, have a great weekend ahead minna!DSC_0726-35




2 thoughts on “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Sailor Venus ~Girls Memories Figure~ (Banpresto)

  1. Loving your bright colors and I love how these were taken in your room! It gives each photo a personal touch!

    But ahh so jealous of your sailor moon collection but I look forward to when you review the outer senshi!

    1. Thank you liked it ☺️ Most of my works are just indoors since we don’t have a very good outdoor scenery around my house >_< and I am also quite shy to do outdoor shoots especially in public. People tend to stare at you, some are curious but mostly are scornful lol, anyways I hope someday I can be comfortable enough to do outdoors 😊

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