Digimon Adventure : G.E.M. Series Hikari and Takeru 1/10 Complete Figure (MegaHouse)

My inner child is screaming *I cri!!!! They’re finally here! *Sits in the corner of my room*DSC_0685-1HAHAHA I’m totally out of words and extremly excited now with these pair since they were announced! I love Digimon and it was one of the most amazing anime in my highschool years. I did by the way previewed as well Taichi and Yamato last year, just check out the link if you wanna see them. ^_^DSC_0692-8DSC_0695-9The first batch still has this Bonus cards just like with the first ones, Taichi and Yamato. I don’t even know where to start off lol. Okay KEEP CALM, but before everything else warning you with spam post ahead. Alright moving on!

I guess ladies first. So starting off with Taichi’s cute little sister, Hikari Yagami and her partner Tailmon!DSC_0687-3DSC_0691-7The set comes in with Hikari herself, Tailmon, a base and an extra face.DSC_0696-10Their bases is pretty much different, not just in the color but also in style. Hikari and Takeru’s don’t have back supports but instead they have pegholes by the feet. And I actually find this version more convenient compared to Taichi and Yamato’s. The base of Hikari is also the widest so far probably because she and Tailmon stands side by side so it consumes more space compared to the others.DSC_0699-11This is too cute to handle. OMG.DSC_0700-12DSC_0701-13Closing in with Tailmon. She is my second favorite of all Digimons well because she is a cat and I love cats 🙂 Plus her evolve form Angewomon is just too beautiful!DSC_0705-17DSC_0709-21DSC_0710-22DSC_0708-20Now onto Hikari. Another kawaii little sister that your surely gonna love! She is a sweet kid and loves her brother so much.DSC_0714-25Her extra face is winking (same with Taichi) but I noticed that she is the only with a different kind of “extra”. Its just a faceplate with no hair attached. Hikari’s version looks the same to what nendoroids have unlike with the other 3 because they have literally “extra heads” not just a face. Anyways I really don’t know why either? :O
DSC_0706-18DSC_0718-29The clapping hands concept with Tailmon is so cute! Which reminds me of  her brother Taichi and Agumon, they look like the playful kind of partners.

DSC_0705-17DSC_0715-26Alright so we are done with Hikari, now continuing with Yamato’s little brother this time, Takeru Takaishi or more known as “TK”.

DSC_0686-2DSC_0690-6Takeru’s set is pretty much the same with Hikari. However his base is smaller compared to hers and like I said earlier he has an “extra head” not just a faceplate. And besides his partner Patamon, he also has DemiDevimon in the set which is pretty cool!

DSC_0716-27DSC_0717-28Patamon is too adorable I want to squish him..oh that cute tiny butt lol  >.<DSC_0720-31DSC_0721-32Patamon is of course my favorite of all the Digimons! He is so cute and irresistibly chubby, I would love to have him as my partner as well! And also when he evolves into that gorgeous Angemon, which seems to be the “male” counter part of Angewomon.

DSC_0728-39DSC_0725-36Takeru’s mouthline has the same texture to Taichi’s. Looking at it closely is kinda awkward. I don’t know, I don’t like it much with how they did the mouth part. Anyways Takeru is the youngest of all the Chosen Children, so he’s being treated most of the time like a baby by everyone. And besides Yamato, is also too protective to him since he knows that Takeru has gone through some rough times (Devimon Arc).
DSC_0723-34DSC_0724-35DSC_0729-40DSC_0744-53The extra head goes with DemiDevimon, its like a painful expression since DemiDevimon is grabbing him by the head, just like a prey and its predator. Although his body gesture seems to not go along with the situation >.<

DSC_0737-47But in terms of DemiDevimon’s detailing it’s quite imporessive. I actually liked it much and would rate as the best part of the entire set. Nicely done and painted!

DSC_0742-51DSC_0740-49Takeru and Patamon’s concept is adorable in many ways. His partner Digimon resting on his head looks too cute, and they look like to be having so much fun together savoring their every Digi World adventures.DSC_0731-41DSC_0732-42
. . .

YAS and I am done with this batch. I totally aprove these figures, a must have to every Digimon fans out there. Even in a 1/10 scale they would still be an awesome addition to your displays and I can’t wait till the whole gang is complete and looking forward to it very soon! So did you like them too?DSC_0747-1That’ all of it for now and this is also my main course post of the month ^_^



5 thoughts on “Digimon Adventure : G.E.M. Series Hikari and Takeru 1/10 Complete Figure (MegaHouse)

  1. oh my gad. I love them! Patamon and Takeru are both adorable, I’ve been waiting here for you to post because I know you’ll have it hahaha but this is great though. Even if they are small but still cute! Mimi and Izumi are exclusives right? That’s too bad! And Joe and Sora has been colored too!

    1. Hahaha took me a while because somehow my box got stucked in the customs for days 😦 True though that Mimi and Izzy are exclusives but my sources will surely have them once in a while just gonna crosses finger to get my hands on them xD

      I saw the colored versions of Joe and Sora and they are looking great! The chosen children will be complete soon! 😍

  2. What lovely figures! I love the poses and facial expressions! It’s so nostalgic! It reminds me the good old days before Hikari started to dress like a prostitute in Digimon 02 (GOD! I hate that design!).
    Let’s not miss the new anime that will retcom the 2nd series and hopefully, it will bring these characters back to their innocence!

    1. That hate towards Hikari’s transformation though XD And IKR everything is so nostalgic, I’m really glad that the oldies anime are all being reborn into new figures (and series).
      I was also thrilled when I first saw that news about the upcoming Digimon woooo finally ^_^ after such a looooong time. Plus I am waiting patiently for the decoded english version of that Digimon game in 3DS.

      Also (and hopes sooner), I’ll be craving for MKR figures oh gad please =_= CCS has been on the spotlight recently, then Digimon. MKR next please!

  3. So adorable. I have both of them, and all the DigiDestined pre-ordered, including Ken! Patamon is also my favorite character. Plus he’s character theme song is so kawaii. :3

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