Nendoroid : Dragon Nest Irine ~Event Planner~ (Good Smile Company)

Another “filler” post, just to have somethings going on here for a while. Well today lets take a look at the “last” RPG I was so hooked into 3 years ago (last for now since I have no online games as of the moment except Dota 2). Introducing the Event’s planner from Dragon Nest with my co-blogger today, Kamineko ~(˘▾˘~)DSC_0689DSC_0685DSC_0686The set contains 2 adorable faceplates, a hat and trumpet, extra arms and pantsu! Her neck joints in this edition is styled from the old generation of Nendoroids.DSC_0688DSC_0698Well I first heard of Dragon Nest from friends of friends who started playing way back in November or December of 2011. Though I did not play immediately because I believe I was so indulge with One Piece marathon during those times. So anyways I started playing the game mid year of 2012 and the rest is history.DSC_0692 DSC_0696When Good Smile Company announced this Nendoroid last November of 2013 I was so happy! Dragon Nest was a very memorable game to me and also probably one of the coolest I’ve played so far (since Grade School days) and I wish I could still play it until now but certain circumstances prevents me so yeah. ..

Anyways, a brief intro about our featured Nendoroid is that she called Irine. An idol-like NPC events planner, who organizes almost all of the events held by the Royal Court of Lagendia (SEA). She’s described to be cheerful and friendly and who can ignore the fact that she is also famous for her pantsu. Yes.DSC_0697The thing about this game I think, which even other Dragon Nest players out there will agree is the storyline or origin of the game concept. I am not very familiar with the entire story because their mostly seen and read in quests that you have to take in the game. And I was one of those lazy players who don’t usually do quests (side quests to be specific) except for the main which you are obligued to do so of course. But I know that Lagendia’s history timeline and folklore is really amazing! I might someday re create my own storyline based on DN just like with what I usually do with RPG’s I so much love like Ragnarok and Tantra. Just habits 🙂

Now going back to Irine-san, lets take a closer look at her other accessories that she’s actually famous with in the game. So first off is her lovely hat which goes in pair with her entire outfit. Irine’s clothes changes depending on what ocassion or season is currently happening both in the game and reality.

DSC_0708DSC_0707Irine also has a very pretty hair! Perferctly sculpted!DSC_0704Next is this cute trumpet which I’m not really sure though for what use is this but maybe for cheering up young adventurers seeking quest from her or getting the attention of towns people when she has something to announce. Makes sense right XD Its actually a lovely trumpet I must say. Nicely done paint job and I’m loving the gold!
DSC_0709DSC_0710Other than those mentioned above.. maybe she can also make use of the trumpet to lure little monster, re creating the infamous loading screen of Dragon Nest ^_^loading-11Moving on to the exciting part which we can never miss this! You are not a true blooded DN player if you did not peek on this one LOL ୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨DSC_0729DSC_0732So which one do you prefer? (。◝‿◜。)

Now with her extra arms, faceplates and the outfit itself! The detailing is very precise and incredibly beautiful!DSC_0726DSC_0724DSC_0725“Would you like to hear about the current festival?”DSC_0703DSC_0706“Hi there! Have any questions about the weekly festival?” (Or more like she’s asking politely, “Can I grab your boobs?”)DSC_0700“Drop by anytime you need a break from all that adventuring!”DSC_0714“So long! Enjoy the festival.” *Blows Trumpet* (Awww what a cute face (๑*౪*๑) )

Overall this is definitely a very good Nendoroid. Thank You GSC I am satisfied *I cri* The entire set is well made which is my favorite aspect! I miss Dragon Nest, I offically stopped playing around mid something of 2014. Since most of my guildmates slash friends also quitted and you know it’s not fun at all without them :'(. Most treasured moments in the game is practicing to conquer a dungeon. It was a total mess at first but seriously it was so much fun at the same time. Like what I always pick in every game I have played, Sorceress. The Magic types. And here’s an old photo of my 3 original characters. Did a screenshot when I finally completed all their sets, plates, weapons, armors, costumes, and a like. This was around 50 cap I guess.555301_506845966026451_1177498708_nOh how I miss my ladies.

(From Left to Right : Pasthelle (Elestra), Mareeshka (Smasher), Nhuttela (Saleana) ) I was also fond of PVP’s, to the point it was actually frustrating. There was a lot of strong players out there and I wanted to be like one of them, well I know I am good. Not entirely pro but I know I deserve my 3k plus Ladder points.

I was also able to attend the second Cherry Convention in our Country in 2013! Weeaboing with Addison Kang and also together with my longest guildmates in IceCube and Alibata.554909_533968589980855_377810381_nWell now I guess that’s all of it.. If I had to tell all my DN adventures that would take forever :p. Important fact is I enjoyed the game to its fullest during our time and that’s all that matters.DSC_0720DSC_0715I hope you enjoyed the little review and mini segways ^_^Till next time。x7geD



*Disclaimer : Photo background was borrowed from here. I do not claim or own the photo. It belongs to its rightful owner and I just used it as a backdrop.

2 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Dragon Nest Irine ~Event Planner~ (Good Smile Company)

  1. I know this game but never had the chance to play it .I cant find this nendo anywhere too.. That puffy face is damn adorable! 😍

    1. Mehehe I used to play this game however not anymore hehe. I’ve kinda noticed that too. Haven’t seen her in Manda for like months already since she was released.

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