Card Captor Sakura : All Clow Card Set 1999 1/1 (Bandai)

Today, I bring you the officially licensed, by CLAMP, CardCaptor Sakura Clow Book and Clow Card set produced by Bandai in 1999. My Precious treasure!DSC_0695DSC_0690DSC_0694DSC_0693Metal crest which makes the lock looks surreal.DSC_0691DSC_0696 DSC_0700DSC_0701DSC_0703DSC_0705Comparison of a fake replica (not Kodansha) to the Official Bandai / Clamp Clow Cards. The apparent difference from its shade and markings on the bottom part because the original merchandise from Bandai has numbers below indicating the first card to the last one captured. DSC_0706DSC_0707


Well this one was a little too short than expected..more like a filler post before my main attraction :p I am currently working on some nendoroids and the newly released GEM figures of Hikari and Takeru so please stay tuned especially those Digimon fans out there. Still WIP because there’s so much going on in and out of the web! Uuugh I can’t even. .. 🙂 Anyways for now lets cheers with some coffee *sips*




4 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura : All Clow Card Set 1999 1/1 (Bandai)

  1. You got the whole set??? This is too expensive now. I saw one in Manda a few weeks ago and it was like 35k yen like seriously, 😒

    1. Yes I got the whole set. I got this on a very reasonable price years ago xD and truly its price now is very scary lol and Im glad I was able to have this before it skyscraped. 😭

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