Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Sailor Jupiter ~Girls Memories Figure~ (Banpresto)

Because I need to catch up on a lot of stuffs badly I might have a continuous “scheduled” post before March ends. And for today lets take a look at the 4th Senshi still with Mako-chan as my co-blogger :p and also HAPPY WHITE DAY! mm mmm~~DSC_0744DSC_0745Pretty green base! As they say, think green think clean!DSC_0746We always remember a specific thing or attitude with these girls and as for Sailor Jupiter, the perfect word is tomboy! Yes but not literally, Makoto is your type of girl friend who seems to act more boyish than the rest of you. Which makes me feel like her! Inserting some trivia for myself, I am the tomboy of the group. I just find it comfortable acting more manly and “pretending” to look tough! Though most of the time my circle of friends are actually boys so maybe that influenced me a lot as well lol. Now going back to Makoto-chan, she was supposed to be the 5th one to be introduced as a Senshi in the manga but Jupiter’s figure was released first before Venus so …

DSC_0748DSC_0749Makoto is also the tallest among the girls. Which adds up more spice to her “tomboy” mood and makes her look stronger physically as well.

Her boots is my favorite of them all, since I am not so into the types of shoes like with Rei and Minako. Usagi and Ami’s are way too long which feels a little hot I guess. So this leaves Makoto to have the most comfortable one to wear! Heels are not too high or too flat, and I love laced up boots!DSC_0757DSC_0776Green is my favorite color in terms of led lights and gadgets.. probably being a Razer fan does explains it XDDSC_0750Like I said in Sailor Mars, these line is evolving beautifully. The entire uniform is smoothly sculpted and the paint job is also a little more flawless this time around. Though there are still spots meant to be noticed but still this is a major improvement already and that leaves me satisfied as a prize figure fan.DSC_0753DSC_0774Of the 4 girl’s released so far, Sailor Jupiter is the only one who has a cast off arms. (both) Maybe because she’s extending too much compared to the others.
DSC_0760DSC_0759DSC_0767DSC_0766Sailor Jupiter’s hair is also well made. Pulled up into a fluid ponytail! Not to mention that I so much like her green hair tie here pretty!DSC_0777DSC_0780She might not beat Rei in terms of “sexy legs” battle, but Makoto is also sexy in her own ways!DSC_0758Though one thing that I find very “mindful” with this figure is her stance. I know she’s tall but does she really have to arch that much o_o it makes me think she has Kyphosis =_=. If Ami is being slammed with the “pee legs” well Makoto is also creating her own title here :O And also because of this awkward pose her face is slightly facing downward which if you take a straight angle photo, Makoto’s face is “slightly hidden”. So you have to actually peek on her to get a better view.DSC_0785Anyways other than that, Jupiter is still looking pretty!DSC_0771Now again, summing up everything I’m loving all the girls and we’re down to one! I hope Banpresto and other companies will continue and give more love to these prize figures. The improvement deserves an applaud, good job guys!
DSC_0788Agent of Love and Courage, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter, I will punish you!
-Sailor Jupiter’s introductionDSC_0779So there you go with Sailor Jupiter, just one more and we are done with the Girl’s Memories figure set! Hope you liked them too 🙂DSC_0791



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