Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Sailor Mars ~Girls Memories Figure~ (Banpresto)

Waii hello there internet. What’s up lately, because I’ve been out of action for weeks *sigh*. ..and there’s a LOT to catch up. Also a LOT of my fave shows are ending 😦 ..welcome to the “I live in the last series I’ve watched” syndrome. Well now setting those personal sentiments aside let us start off this Friday the 13th with a pretty guardian and Mako joins me to introduce our blog guest for the day~DSC_0684DSC_0685Sailor Mar’s base in a beautiful red shade.DSC_0686Say hi to our shrine maiden | priestess, Rei Hino. The third destined Senshi that Luna and Usagi discovered. Rei is the Guardian of Fire and Passion and she has a strong sense of spiritual power compared to a normal human being. Well maybe being a shrine maiden does explains the ability since in Japan, people who lived or grew up in shrines seems to be well connected with the supernaturals.DSC_0687 DSC_0688What comes into mind when you see or hear Sailor Mars? As for me, its always the legs. All the Sailor Soldiers has  pretty  long legs but Mars is definitely rocking it on a different level together with her “devil wears Prada” red high heels.DSC_0691 DSC_0733DSC_0702DSC_0708RAWR

Now moving on to her other details.
Of all the girls as well, Rei’s hair is my favorite. The long black strands looks very natural and simple!DSC_0713DSC_0690I can’t totally explain but maybe the color red has something to do with Rei’s overall look. Red is a sexy color and does attract attention everywhere. It seems like red also does look good in most things colored with it.DSC_0694The red they used here is looking classy compared to the usual shade with her other figures! I personally like it.DSC_0697DSC_0723DSC_0726DSC_0703DSC_0701This line of Sailor Moon prize figures has also evolved elegantly from the first one! And I must say they are doing a pretty good job with their faces and eyes most especially.DSC_0718Well now that’s everything for our Pretty Guardian in Red! She is a true beauty in both anime and figures. I am also amazed with the  gradual improvement of these prizes. Lesser creases the better! Though talking about the “new” personality of Rei compared to the original series I am quite disappointed. She is supposed to be a complete mix of a meanie at times but a compassionate girl also! But now in the Crystal series..she feels off somehow. But a remake is a remake. That’s just how things go maybe or I wish not lolDSC_0738

The Guardian of Fire and Passion Sailor Mars! You will refrain from underestimating women! And with Mars Power, you will burn! These high-heeled legs will deliver your punishment”

-Sailor Mars’s speech in Act 5

DSC_07202 more to go!!~~ weeeeDSC_0740



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