Vocaloid : Hatsune Miku ~SQ~ GOOD SMILE Racing 2014 (Banpresto)

Hello again love month. Another Miku feature on the loose!DSC_0718-28DSC_0719-29Before the better version releases lets take a look at first this collab prize figure of GoodSmile and Team UKYO, something like a cycling team.DSC_0700-15DSC_0701-16 DSC_0702-17What do you think so far?

Alright! It’s a prize figure so don’t expect much. I mean why complain on something so cheap anyways. Just sayin’ lolDSC_0683-1Though as always these lovelies don’t look that bad either. Her face is cute here actually. She stands approximately around 7 inches. There is a slight discoloration in the “bangs”. My room lighting must have altered it a little but there’s supposedly a greeny color in that part.

Now let’s jump off right into the hair!
DSC_0694-11DSC_0703-18 DSC_0696-12I don’t have much of an argument on this one. It’s pretty cool. The waves and curves are like accentuated with an “overdrive” feel. Again though there is discoloration on some areas. Must have been the kind of paint they’re using ?

Moving on in the body..and other accessories of her racing outfit.DSC_0706-21DSC_0717-27DSC_0698-13DSC_0687-4 DSC_0686-3DSC_0716-26Everything here is pretty much the same with the Nendoroid version. Sponsorship! Except that this prize doesn’t come with pink wires at the back. And speaking of pink, see that thing attached to her waist..there were some versions I saw that wasn’t fully painted but like I said its a prize figure. Mine is okay though thank goodness for the luck ^_^.

Going dooown …DSC_0688-5DSC_0712-24DSC_0723-32DSC_0685-2Beautiful gradient on the shoes and gloves, I’m loving the teal here. The details behind her gears were painted and sculpted nicely! To think that it’s barely seen but A for the effort.DSC_0690-7
Generally speaking, my thoughts are actually debating lol. Comparing to my other SQ figures this version is slightly below the average. The Kimono C.C , Ranka in Minmay costume, Kallen and C.C again in beach queens and Sonico..those were nicely sculpted I must say. But anyways there’s no perfect figure even for those expensive ones. That’s just how it goes. At least this Miku is still “displayable” in my opinion. She would still be a great addition to your Racing Miku shrine.

And so lets take a last look!DSC_0707-22 FreeVector-Blue-Sparkles-Vector-1



13 thoughts on “Vocaloid : Hatsune Miku ~SQ~ GOOD SMILE Racing 2014 (Banpresto)

  1. Sleeky design for Miku! She looks like some sort of futuristic racing queen! I also love the “overdrive” feel to her curves! (Anything gets cooler with when it has “overdrive” on it!)
    I had many arguments with my friends about Miku’s hair, because I think her hair is green, while my friends say it’s blue. I may be colorblind. However, this time I can clearly see her hair is blue! Ha! I’m not crazy!
    P.S. Banpresto, We know you had to put your logo somewhere, but was it necessary to put it THERE? On their next figure, they might put their logo on the figure’s underwear…

    1. Yes Im not crazy too!! IDK but I feel like (well before) that I’m the only one who thinks that “overdrive” thing haha now I’m glad there’s another lol

      About the hair I’m not quite sure too. She has various versions but the most common IMS especially with her early figures ..it was like green I guess?!

    1. *hi five*

      I’m always looking closely at figure hairs. It’s my favorite part of them and if the hair is awesome and well made I’m just loving more the figure no matter what the price is. 😍

      1. Hehe that’s cool! It actually Michelle but I hate my name so I made it Elle lol. But anyway the instagram is not is not showing up (probably cuz I’m on a sucky tablet). I found you though on one of my IG accounts. Lol took me awhile but I found you and I’m following you already😊 sorry for being a pain that’s probably what I should of done first😅

      2. Waaaaa noooo my bff is named Michelle I like the name 😁 anyways no worries dear xD and what about you.. Your Ig ? O.o thank you btw 😘 though Im not really popular in Ig lol just a commoner xD

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