Nendoroid : Hinata Shouyou ~Haikyuu!!~ (Good Smile Company)

A tall, tall wall of looms in front of me. What’s the view on the other side? What does it look like? The view from the top. .. it’s the view I could never see on my own.. . But if I’m not doing it alone… *sings le opening song* hnnngDSC_0727-1DSC_0728-2DSC_0730-3I must say I’m a late bloomer in the hype train of Haikyuu!! I never thought that a volleyball anime could be this good! My my wonder how great I was missing just in case! Well to be honest I’m not a sports person in real life, I don’t play any kind actually or know how to.. but I do love watching tournaments in television :). In anime I only have a very few selections of my favorites, oldies but gold like Slam Dunk, Dear Boys, Hajime no Ippo, One Outs and Eyeshield 21 and the new ones like Free and still on going Kuroko no Basket. I have watched a few episodes from Prince of Tennis and Major but uhm not my kind of genre really. Yowamushi Pedal, still debating internally but we will see. I’ve heard good feedback(s) from friends so.. DSC_0779-322So anyways back to Haikyuu! This anime caught me off guard. I had so much fun watching it to the point that I finished the entire season overnight . ..and I felt like meh I need more puhlease. And yehey a nendoroid series from them came out. Hinata Shouyou is the type of a main character which shows a very promising improvement all through out the series. The one to “watch out” for because he’ll become a monster in court when trained well. A cheerful easy going lad, smiles to a win and cries to a defeat. Well, that is our chibi Spiker.

Now moving on to the nendoroid itself.DSC_0732-4DSC_0746-14DSC_0749-15DSC_0750-16DSC_0752-17You get 2 extra face plates, a plastic net and the net pillar, volley ball of course, and the unusual base because it’s longer or more like 2 bases combined. And a bunch of extra arms and legs as well.DSC_0744-12DSC_0745-13The Good Smile Company exclusive PO includes this Nendoroid Plus Rubber Strap: Shouyou Hinata Victory Pose Version.DSC_0733-5DSC_0737-7 DSC_0738-8DSC_0734-6Correct me if I’m wrong because I did not get Ukai’s joke if ever he did when Hinata ask if they gave him the #10 Jersey just because he said that he was inspired to play volleyball and enrolled in Karasuno seeing the mysterious “Little Giant” who played in the Nationals. And the coach said it’s just a coincidence. Hmmm. But anyways Hinata is happy to have that number so I’m happy too!DSC_0742-11DSC_0755-18And the court is ready!! Hinata getting pumped up!DSC_0772-29“A tall, tall wall of looms in front of me ..”

He was scared at first. The obstacle was so high and he felt so small.DSC_0769-28“What’s the view on the other side? What does it look like?”

He wanted to overcome that fear. He wanted to learn more than anyone else.. though he was a little unfortunate during middle school because he had no proper training but Hinata was still happy. He was surrounded by people he treasured and despite the “lackness”, these people still shared what little they had to him.DSC_0759-21“The view from the top. .. it’s the view I could never see on my own.. . But if I’m not doing it alone… “

Yes he was not alone. Volleyball is a game composed of 6 people. And you have your team mate’s back to support you, cheer for you, scold you and help you when you fall.

“TOSS IT TO ME ! COME ON!”DSC_0785-36It’s true that I’m not very tall. However! I can jump!!DSC_0781-33DSC_0784-35“I will run to every corner of the court!”DSC_0765-26DSC_0766-27“Because I am the Ultimate Decoy!”DSC_0756-19Victory Pose time!

Hinata thought everyone’s role is so cool except his. The ace, the libero, the setter..all of it is cool but Volleyball is a game of 6 not 1 or 2. When I saw this week’s episode of Kuroko no Basket it reminded me of Haikyuu! That ultimate trust to a team mate. Posing to spike or shoot not even knowing if the ball will land in your hand. I think that is what a true definition of “cool” is.DSC_0776-31This piece of set is too adorable I cannot contain my happiness. I am very much happy with everything in its package because I was able to “reenact” those memorable and right-in-the-kokoro scenes in the anime series. Not exaggerating but there was no boring episode in Haikyuu. They made me laugh everytime and the ending game was so.. *cries* *runs through the room* *throwing pillows everywhere*
Anyways this nendoroid is so fun to play with! I did enjoy doing this a lot XD And I wish I could make better set up  next time. I may have to build a court just in case.. in preparation for the whole team! So that’s all of it! Hope you enjoyed also lol 🙂DSC_0779-32FLY !!!! Karasuno!!!



8 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Hinata Shouyou ~Haikyuu!!~ (Good Smile Company)

  1. Oh my goodness Hinata looks really adorable!!!
    I can’t wait for Kageyama to release so they can be the best team ever 😀

  2. Saw this in Good Smile Company facebook page. Great reenactment! That victory face is adorable so cute with Hinata.

    1. Yes.. But actually I saw it late lol because I wasn’t expecting it till someone told me so xD Im happy and I cant totally wait for Kageyama. I wanna pair them up so badly xD

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