Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Na : Kousaka Kirino Resi-Carat 1/8 (Clayz)

A Derpy Valentines to everyone!DSC_0666Today is Hearts day for both couples and singles! So as for my little tribute, we will be looking at my ancient resi-carat figure from Clayz. It’s been a while since I last opened her and because it’s Valentines today I thought that somehow this figure suits the event…somehow okayDSC_0662DSC_0657This is a pre-painted assembly kit… separated in 25 parts.
The first time my mom saw this…she was like “is that a cookie ?” Well the circular tin can does really look like the ones in biscuits and cookies. It’s cute for collectibles and storage purposes! But I doubt I’d use it for that ..DSC_0670There are 4 kawaii heart shape pillows in polka dots and one Mokona-like Plushie.. too bad I can’t show the whole “25 pieces” since I already assembled them with an adhesive. You might wonder why..well I don’t fancy assembling her every single time.

And now let’s take a look at the Derpy Kirino . ..DSC_0686Her face looks a bit okay at some angles though I hate breaking this to you, but Kirino is way too derpy looking in this figure. I don’t know what happened during the company’s brainstorming of the production why the face turned out like this.DSC_0682But considering other factors, I am half disappointed only and half impressed because she’s not that bad at all. Her other body parts is fairly okay.DSC_0695DSC_0702Half impressed because I love her pose mainly, it’s actually the attraction right and at least they did some justice in it. I’m not sure what you guys might have in mind but a LOT has been going on in mine while looking at her lol. That almost half raised sailor top.. the you-know-what position of her legs… fingers naughtily playing with her hair and the horn- I mean derpy (you-know-I-want-something) face. Everything ends up in an Imouto seducing someone. (Too much doujinshi leads to some inappropriate thoughts..)

Anyways moving on. ..DSC_0690 DSC_0698Well.. I kinda damaged that part of her socks while I was putting on some adhesives 😦 Though I am going to repaint her some other time.DSC_0713DSC_0711DSC_0701DSC_0697Kirino’s hair is beautifully spread.. I like the most where she twirls and plays with her hair. I find it cute and .. naughty.. She has an extra hair attached at the back (as seen in photo below) but I didn’t find the need for it because she is lying down anyways. ..DSC_0720and this is where that part is attached to.DSC_0717


Now いもうと sexy time.DSC_0708DSC_0715Yes I did glued most of her parts especially the small portions, except for her torso since her skirt is cast off and it’s a must to take it off once in a while 🙂DSC_0699 DSC_0707Plushie and pillowDSC_0704Derp face anyone ?
Over all ? She still deserve some love even with that face.. the pose compensates the “derpiness”. She looks adorable and cute that’s why I had her. I love Kirino and I can’t miss this 🙂 That’s all into it. It’s a sexy figure but not in a lewd way .. it’s more of a little sister trying to be looking cute at some point o_o.DSC_0691The sculpting is not entirely perfect.. there’s a lot of roughness that can be seen and felt. The paint in her eyes isn’t looking that good either. Lots of creases by her hair and top! Though her skin is smoothly sculpted, I like the feels in it.

Regarding the material, it’s made of Resin not PVC so its a bit fragile. It tends to chip off so careful not to drop them hard or avoid grabbing and inserting them forcefully. Resin feels like a thin type of cement unlike with PVC which has a rubbery feel. Collection wise, I’d still prefer PVC since they are more safer for display and easy to play with.DSC_0716So I guess I’m done with my kawaii Kirino, if only the derp smile was a little shorter this figure would be perfect! Anyways greeting everyone a Happy Happy Valentines again 🙂 Spread the love and chocolates :p muuuuaah hugs ( ˘ ³˘)❤DSC_0685 (2)



6 thoughts on “Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Na : Kousaka Kirino Resi-Carat 1/8 (Clayz)

  1. I agree! She looks so cute, and she’s lovely even with sculpt and paint flaws! If her smile was a little “smaller”, then she would be even better. I have no experience with resin figures, but I own Clayz Maeda Ver. of To Heart 2 Silfa and she’s a Cold Cast, which is pretty fragile and also quite heavy.

    I like this way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kirino because, no matter what, she’s one of the cutest characters out there!

    1. Happy that we are on the same boat xD theres a lot of hate for Kirino as well because she’s such a brat but c’mon if she were your imouto can you resist? XD

      Anyways happy valentines ^_^

  2. Her mouth certanly looks weird, but it’s far from being the weirdest mouth I’ve seen in a figure. The weirdest thing about this figure isn’t the mouth, it’s that hair attachment…

  3. I see so this Kirino is not looking so bad at all as they say. Ive read quite a lot of negative feedback from her but I guess she is okay. That skirt off is looking good lol

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