Ranka Lee Macross Frontier 1/8 Super Dimension Cinderella (Alpha x Omega)

It’s been a while since I had Ranka again! She is still and definitely my favorite Macross girl so okay here she goes for another spotlight~~ (●´∀`●)DSC_0676DSC_0679DSC_0682This version compared to my previous Ranka figures has an alternate arms and face. She also comes with a microphone and that cute transparent base with her name on it.DSC_0685 DSC_0686That’s an early patsu shot for you. (^_<)~☆

Wondering why Cinderella ?.. Well, it’s actually the manufacturer, ALPHAxOMEGA (a branch inside MegaHouse) who decided the name of her singer clothes. I am still not 100% sure but this might be related to the (1st reason) original Macross Series in which Minmay sang a song entitled “Cinderella” (check out episode 4). (2nd reason) Also because of singing together with the “Galactic Fairy”, Sheryl Nome in saving the Frontier from Vajra, Ranka gained her very own title as the “Super Dimensional Cinderella” which also made her debut as a songstress icon.
Looking cute as ever. Her standard parts and look when you get her out of the box.DSC_0681I have this costume for cosplay until now but I never got the chance to do a proper photoshoot 😦 And also this is my most loved of all her figure outfits. Her top is suppossed to be in color yellow, but in the figure it’s a combination of yellow fading into pearl white.
DSC_0696DSC_0705 DSC_0697DSC_0694That some smooth lace lines in the skirt. MegaHouse is one of those powerhouses in terms of quality and build of their figures.DSC_0689 DSC_0695And these boots would look awesome in real life ..though I don’t have any for my cosplay set before. It’s kinda hard to look for exact replicas of cosplay stuffs during our time, unlike nowadays. I like the contrast in it, which makes it a little realistic to look at!

Now moving on with her alternate arms/face and micorphoneDSC_0680-2Kiraa kiraa hand ~~ ^DSC_0692Alternate face ^ and always looking so “lolimoe”DSC_0682 (2)-2Other left arm ^DSC_0703 DSC_0704Even the mic has a nice finish and a good paint job. This would be a perfect accessory for my other figures as well 🙂

Just like with her other figures, the Cinderella version is also a cast off type (-‿◦☀)DSC_0707DSC_0708Summer !!!DSC_0711DSC_0715Taking everything into account.. this figure is cute but honestly its not that appealing to me compared to my personal favorites, the Kimono and Pastel version. Though in terms of the sculpting and paint job it’s fairly alright and smooth enough.DSC_0687DSC_0702So this concludes today’s blog post and I wish everyone a nice week ahead 🙂




4 thoughts on “Ranka Lee Macross Frontier 1/8 Super Dimension Cinderella (Alpha x Omega)

  1. Yes! You need to have a Kira pose for a Ranka Lee figure, or else, it wouldn’t make her any justice!
    Is it just me or her moe-moe face looks a bit weird? Too bad you didn’t want to use her normal alternate face in any shot, it seems your love for loli-moe faces is too great!

  2. This is my favourite Ranka figure, I hope I manage to get one until the end of the year. ❤
    One thing that I find terribly impressive about this figure is how perfect her arms are. They don't seem removeable AT ALL, even when she's without her clothes it's impossible to see the "joint line".

    Your pics are so great! What kind of camera do you use? ^^

    1. I totally agree on that. Its actually too smooth that if you were not familiar with the whole figure you wouldn’t know its a cast off xD

      Im using my 3 year old buddy, Nikon D90 (Yuno) lol. And Im glad that she’s still in a fit to work condition ^_^ and hopefully planning to add up a back up this year if budget permits hahaha xD

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