Azone : Kousaka Kirino PureNeemo ~Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai~

Howdy February ! The month of loooove~ but my body doesn’t show any 😦 Not feeling very well and have been sick for days already though thankfully I am getting by as of now.. setting that aside, today we will be looking at my first ever Azone doll.DSC_0678DSC_0679DSC_0680DSC_0681I never thought I would actually have eyes on this type of doll because I’m more of a BJD collector. Technically I prefer bigger scales but sometimes there are just stuffs that are terribly irresistible.DSC_0682And we are talking about Kirino here (one of the reasons that I felt the need of her in my collection)! A lot may hate her dominant, bratty and spoiled attitude but despite that I really love her. For me she is one of those rare specimens in anime, a character who loves anime itself. Plays eroge games, active in conventions, athletic bishoujo and a (semi) idol in the making.DSC_0683DSC_0684DSC_0685The paper (middle) with the pink part is her hair clip that will be cut out and the last photo is the double sided strip tapes where the hair clip will be placed to stick into Kirino’s hair.DSC_0687The set comes with 5 extra pair of hands and the 6th is her main. There are moments where its hard to interchange hands because the thing is made of rubber so there’s a feeling of friction when you insert or remove.

Now looking closer to the doll itself.DSC_0689DSC_0695Pretty in 1/6 scale. This set has no stand by the way but she is pretty sturdy enough to stand alone though for a short period of time only.kilani1288168409Kirino has 2 other versions for this type of doll but I obviously prefer the one that I got for myself however the one on the right has a hand gesture (peace sign) which I really like, and how I wish my set had that one 😦 She also has a version in maid outfit which is pretty expensive compared to the seifuku.

Moving on to her other detailsDSC_0693DSC_0694DSC_0700DSC_0692DSC_0736DSC_0709That blue stripes underwear though for mandatory pantsu shot but other than that, I am impressed with the details. The accuracy is striking especially the shoes and socks, which I liked the most.DSC_0696DSC_0734The hair is made of synthetic fibers. I thought it was stiff because it looks like one but it’s kinda soft actually. And Azone character series have a styled hair since it corresponds to how does a certain character looks like.DSC_0743Now here’s the hair clip I mentioned earlier but a little different because I am still reluctant to cut out the one in the set. So instead I used another paper but unfortunately I can’t find the exact shade but anyways, dark pink doesn’t look bad either.DSC_0707Azone has a flexion type of body, and its pretty bendable but is quite limited in some parts as well. Like say in the elbows because I can’t make her arms closer to her body for some poses and it’s scary to force it anyway.

Playing with her extra gestures… some looks awkward. Maybe due to my angles or the way her arms was positioned but like I mentioned above, there’s a limit to the flexibility so I had no choice either. And probably the blank facial expression as well.. DSC_0716Nyan nyan ~~  ~=[,,_,,]:3DSC_0718Rocker ?DSC_0722“I wonder where’s my stupid aniki”DSC_0731
“Watch with me aniki..” (Me : KYAAAAAAAAA let me be your aniki Kirino-chan ..or more like oneesan)DSC_0728I actually borrowed that BRS DVD in Kirino’s nendoroid.


Overall I love this doll. I think there will be more Azone coming up in the near future if budget permits 🙂 I saw a Nico and Shiro Azones as well and really looking forward to both. And probably I will only stick with the character series since that is my main reason for having one. Still hesitant with Chitoge even though I also love that girl but will definitely  hunt for Kuroneko to pair up with her though Goku-san is more pricey I must say. So good luck with that.DSC_0686DSC_0740DSC_0711



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