Nendoroid : Kousaka Honoka Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

My delayed Honoka is finally home ! (I just received my invoice from Amiami rude >.< )DSC_0662But before that..we had a small gathering at Krabby Fatty with friends ..for a post birthday celebration and Nendo Party at the same time because I brought a bunch with me.DSC_0655Krabby Fatty !DSC_0656And Heichou ? Is that you ? Dining with usDSC_0657Now going back to Honoka-chan!DSC_0663 DSC_0668DSC_0686Still small and few as ever. Nothing new. -_- One extra faceplate, few arms and a leg.DSC_0675 DSC_0680I can’t say much about her since she’s pretty the same with what Nico has.

A second year from Otonokizaka High School. She is like the Yui Hirisawa of the group, lively and optimistic so with that her image color, Orange really suites her personality. Honoka on the other hand has the vibe of being a leader. The one who can encourage a depress group and all that. DSC_0674DSC_0682DSC_0681DSC_0683The complete opposite of Kotori who is an indecisive one while Honoka is unstoppable once she makes up her mind! And also because of her attitude this has been one of the major strengths of  μ’s success.DSC_0684 DSC_0689“As long as we’ve got the determination, we can do anything! “DSC_0694“I’m sure I’ll cause you more trouble in the future. I’ll be so preoccupied I won’t notice when someone is worried about something, and I’ll get so excited I’ll ruin my own efforts! After all, I’m awkward! But I still want to keep chasing that dream!”DSC_0691“If you get nervous, just imagine everyone as vegetables” (LOL this quote really makes my day everytime)DSC_0698“Iku yo Nico~!”

Nico seems to be taller than Honoka? O_o …Well anyways that’s everything for Honoka-chan.. I’m even lost for proper words because I feel they’re too plain I don’t know what else to say but still I like their nendoroids and willing to complete them hopefully. Kotori is realesed now so watch out for her next time ^_^DSC_0701



6 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Kousaka Honoka Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

      1. Yeah.. But I guess ill just look forward when all the girls are out. They would still look awesome as a group.

  1. It’s rather a shame that the girls don’t come with much (Hanayo doesn’t even come with rice), but it’s a bit understandable since they are making 9 of them, and you could always use accessories from other Nendoroids if desired.
    Are you planning on getting all of them? I only plan on buying Maki and Umi, but they must look amazing as an entire group. The $400+ must be worth it xD

    1. Apparently and hopefully I will try to complete them xD and what I hope is that at least gsc will release some kind of extra outfits exclusively for Love Live… its kinda far from reality now but its possible xD

      1. What I’m hoping for is that GSC will make Love Live! figures for the new Nendoroid Co~de line. There is so much potential with that that I can’t imagine it would be bad XD

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