Nendoroid : Kinomoto Sakura ~Card Captor Sakura~ (Good Smile Company)

Unfortunately no festivals (Sinulog and Dinagsa) for me this year. I don’t know what happened but everyone I know seems to back out on a last minute basis and I too, lost the energy (and urge) to go. And what’s left to do is blog of course..and here we go for another CardCaptor feature!DSC_0667-1So I heard and (read) that there are several complaints about her? Yeah yeah Sakura Nendo is the cutest etc etc but she is no exemption to manufacturer issues. Or actually, being in demand made it worst..due to rush productions maybe? hmm .. we will see so hold on till the end (I hope)DSC_0673-2 DSC_0674-3She comes in a packed set. Lots of accessories ..this has like 5 extra hands and that’s a lot for me already. DSC_0675-4DSC_0678-1Faceplates.DSC_0680-1Sakura comes with 2 different wand/staff. The shorter one is for sealing and the longer is when she activates the fly card and rides on it just like with the FurYu prize figure. I actually got confused while preparing her with the “sealing a card” pose because I thought how can I insert the card’s peg if there was no hole! Then I realized that there was an extra “beak” with a peg hole..Well anyways we’ll get to see that later~DSC_0655-1Like with Hatsune Miku Magical Snow 2014, Sakura-chan has also a transparent Magical Circle..
DSC_0675 (2)-11Her wings has a glossy finish and probably the smoothest one sculpted in her set.DSC_0685-1Sakura’s back support (right and clearer one) is quite different also comparing it with the usual, probably it was designed for her “flying pose” and wings.  Since she needs to be more flexible on that position.

Now continuing with Kero-chan ! We can never miss that little guy who’s addicted with video games.DSC_0681-1 DSC_0684-1 I am impressed that he’s actually cute in here bravo on that and he has his own base and stand which is flexible enough to give him poses alongside with Sakura. It’s small like the ones with petit nendoroids. Now here’s a little warning..some had problem with their Keroberus like say his tail falling off.. so be extra careful in taking him out especially for the very first time, since pvc’s tend to stick sometimes due to prolong storage. But thankfully in my case, he seems to be tough! I shoveled him a couple of times (forgetting about the previous issues I’ve read) then realizing later on that, I’m supposed to be careful. -_-

Now moving on…
Okay lets see Sakura herself this time. Upclose and (personal) lol (that sounded like an interview)DSC_0700-1 DSC_0702-2 DSC_0704-3She looks great!..but notice the gap on her waist. It’s one of my concerns and it really bothers me actually. I have seen photos from other collectors where in the gap is quite visible.. I am not sure whether it is intended on their part or they did not notice at all. Though for my on hand experience its kinda loose. I know that most nendos are really loosened in the torso area but I felt that my Sakura wass like twice or thrice than that. I had to re attached her firmly every single pose to make sure that there is no gap.DSC_0713-4Jumping onto her huge hat. Its quite heavy but I think that it’s weight won’t get the nendoroid’s neck joint to break, nope not to that extent I guess. There is a built in magnet both on her head and the hat keeping them tight and in place.DSC_0709-1DSC_0712-3I really really like Sakura’s hair here. So cute and skimpy.I also love the gradient color from light to dark honey brown and of course her bright emerald eyes.DSC_0666-1Now taking a closer look to her extra hands and arms.
 ^DSC_0693-1The giggle or embarassed hands with flexed arms ^ ..and I see a stain up there.. around the ribbons on her gloves.
DSC_0673 (2)-9DSC_0661-1Grip or Grabbing Hands ^. The gold part at the end of the wands is removable for easier insertion.
DSC_0659-1And the one with the Clow Card. Though the gesture looks offending in some perspective..I hope you don’t mind because Sakura-chan seems to not mind at all..or she’s actually happy. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

Clow Card close upDSC_0721-1Its the Fly, her first ever card and also the one that grants her the ability to “fly” of course. The sculpting on the card is okay. Even the print is a perfect replica. Speaking of Clow cards, I wish I can show you guys how much of a weeabo fan of CCS I was back in the 90’s. I did make my very own cards with my original designs of course both in front and especially the magical signs at the back. ! I drew them on recycled cardboard and protected them with plastic covers (the one we use in our books and notes) because I was a poor High school student that  I can’t afford to laminate all of them… I also made a book case box! Sadly though I left them all in our old home and I don’t even know if it’s still there. (Gosh I suddenly had the urge to go back and rummage them >.< ) Wooo childhood how I miss you.DSC_0695-1DSC_0690-1The skirt and shoes. Comparing it to the FurYu Prize figure, her skirt there was laced with yellow while here its off white (not even close to light yellow).DSC_0672-8She has 2 extra ribbons, designed to fit with her different poses. The photo above is just one of them, it’s difficult to use her main ribbon in that position because it won’t fit with her puffy sleeves so forcing it won’t do good either because it falls off. So the extras has both cuts to fit perfectly depending on what pose.DSC_0687 (2)-16Her other lower body or torso^.. for the flying and mandatory jump pose.

Now onto her wands..DSC_0662 (2)-2DSC_0670-6Here is the extra beak with a peg hole that I mentioned earlier, and I already attached the card into it. But a little warning.. I already checked the other reviews right, and the legend is true. That small card is too fragile I actually broke the peg…but my adhesive is to the rescue so it’s fine now. I don’t usually panic with stuffs like that especially when I know I can fix it. I won’t blame the manufacturing because the thing is too small I can’t imagine how meticulous it was to make. So I suggest to just be very and extra careful, as much as possible don’t drop it (that’s how I broke mine). Since the other side of the card is empty so it was fine putting the glue on it. Other than that.. the “eye” of the wand is not fully painted if you’ve noticed. And it was a little difficult as well to replace that beak, because it’s too small, it was hard to grip.DSC_0702 (2)-23While the other staff which is for flying has a smooth and nice paint job all over it.

Well I guess I am quite done with the majority of her accessories and body why don’t we go see Sakura and Kero-chan in full poses and action ? (•‾̑⌣‾̑•) DSC_0687-1DSC_0671-7

The Key which hides powers of the Dark,
Show your true powers before me!
I, Sakura, command you under our contract

DSC_0686-15DSC_0693 (2)-18Jump Shots! Well I was surprised that it was rather an easy pose for me? So far Sakura-chan was obediently defying gravity for me though the huge hat really puts some weight on the body. You can actually see the back support lowering a centimeter just by placing that hat..but at least she didn’t fell not even once.
DSC_0707-27Now off we goooo Kero-chan ~~!

I’m sorry I really don’t know how or what to suggest exactly to those who have difficulties with her flying pose..because as for me it was kinda easy breezy. Maybe just try to put her on a sturdy platform (though in my case, the mini table where I have my diorama was actually a bit frail). Also try to steady your hands as well, slightest tremors might really lead to her fall. But I must say Sakura-chan is not your ordinary nendoroid. She’s too studios to play with because there’s too much going on every time you repose her. Too much changing of this to that. Though despite everything..patience guys, it’s always the greatest key. 🙂
DSC_0721 (2)-1I hope you you liked the simple’s quite spammy with photos so sorry for that ..well then see ya next time guys! Up up up and fly ~~



7 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Kinomoto Sakura ~Card Captor Sakura~ (Good Smile Company)

  1. Like that finale photo edit! And the flying pose is really hard, the skirt is falling off in mine. Its so annoying.

    1. Thank You. Indeed Sakura is quite posable in this nendo but theres a little trouble with her flying poses and torso but If you get the hand of it everything will be alright xD 😬😬😬

  2. Enjoyed this review! Omg that flying pose was impossible for me…I spent an hour trying to do it, but the lower half of the torso just wouldn’t stick with the upper half! I was tempted to use glue…but nooo can’t do that to my pretty Sakura nendoroid!! >.<

    1. Thank you dear 🙂 and no don’t glue them please >.<

      I'm sorry to hear though that you are having problems as well with the flying pose. Probably it's all because of the weight that the torso can't hold on longer 😦
      Hope GSC could make better versions with their future nendos with flying poses 🙂

  3. I also bought one recently, its just a shame that some parts are missing and the magic circle was bent. I tried fixing the magic circle using a laminator, but somehow, I kind of messed up. I know I should have placed the magic circle in a laminating film first than inserting it directly, alas, it got stuck and its all crumpled. Now I’m trying to make a new magic circle by printing on a thin transparent plastic sheet. The missing part I mentioned was Kero-chan’s base and stand.

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