Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Sailor Mercury ~Girls Memories Figure~ (Banpresto)

Hello guys! Lets maaaake up ~!!DSC_0654-1DSC_0655-2How long has it been since I had the first release of this line who is Sailor Moon of course before another senshi appeared..If you missed it I had previewed Sailor Moon in this blog as well last year.

Everything is quite the same..only the colors of the box and base differs..and I love that they’re all in pastel tone.DSC_0657-4Now say hi to our genius girl. In a group there’s always that someone who’s labeled as the “all-knowing-one”, the nerd, the one who loves books and to study. Aaaah the smell of a true blooded tensai! Ami is also the timid type. She is also the shy, quite, soft spoken one, and most polite of them all. Though I am not stating that the others are not quite polite enough..Usagi..uhm yeah nope. haha

DSC_0659-6DSC_0660-7Well it’s fascinating that the girl’s figure and doll releases are in the same order as their appearance in the story. Everybody knows that right after Luna awakened the inner senshi of Usagi as Sailor Moon, Ami Mizuno was up next in line as the “Agent of Love and Exams“, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Mercury! I read a thread in reddit and someone said Sailor BLUE FFS never ever do that again geez.DSC_0662-8DSC_0668-14DSC_0674-19DSC_0676-20It’s a pretty plain figure but I really don’t mind. I like how Banpresto focused on the simple yet precise details. Few over paints on her ribbon but barely noticeable. And her over all uniform is smoothly painted and sculpted! Good Job!DSC_0684-26DSC_0673-18DSC_0672-17Ami’s hair is also okay..the girl with the shortest hair amongst them.DSC_0664-10DSC_0687-28Personally.. the Sailor Soldier’s asset for me is their smexy long legs. I have always been attracted to it. Like when they transform, I keep looking at it whether consciously or even not.

Also good job with the Tiara.. I appreciate much the keen details and glad that the gold accents is perfectly in place. Ami’s innocent face is safe and sound and the pretty eyes!
DSC_0666-12For now ..I have the 2 girls down already, and expect the third one will be debuting here soon … no rush for Mars since Jupiter and Venus are not yet released XD

Agent of Love and Exams, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water, and repent!


So yep that’s all of it. Time flies so fast huh..January is almost ending and there’s still much much more to come >.< Okay bye bye for now~!



2 thoughts on “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon : Sailor Mercury ~Girls Memories Figure~ (Banpresto)

  1. WOW! Even Banpresto is on the Figure business! This stuff is huge!
    It’s nice to see a “fine quality figure” of Ami, since she is one of my favorite sailors, second only to Hotaru (because she is cute, and because I love the Sega Saturn!)

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