Card Captor Sakura : Kinomoto Sakura Cherry Version (FuRyu)

Says, Fine quality..nah guess what, the title lied. Alright so it’s Sakura in the spotlight minna! On Cherry Version!DSC_0593-1The title might have deceived us a little but I guess on some “areas” only or with some copies maybe..DSC_0594-2 DSC_0595-3 DSC_0599-4Too bad no Kero-chan with the set, but no worries he’s actually on this side of the box.. cute and flat. No pun intended trust me.DSC_0602-5The wedge plastic base is pretty lightweight for this scale (I know that this scale is already small but still it has some weight on it people). It’s actually scary to leave her alone, displayed somewhere in your place where there’s a danger of getting knocked out because you’ll end up breaking her wand. I don’t get the transparency effect but they could have at least put some solid whatever-they-like in that huge space inside. But otherwise it’s kinda creative at the same time..the shape, transparency and the incorporated magic circle on pink prints. The other version has a black ink on it. Take note on that. So I find this one cuter!

DSC_0603-6 DSC_0604-7DSC_0659-47DSC_0606-8 DSC_0616-14 DSC_0617-15Okay. I’m not quite sure what to feel exactly with this know that I respect and love prize figures. And this Sakura could have deserved more “quality”..or so I wish. But nope..since we are talking about “prize” figure so just be content okay and oh hey its pretty cheap!? (pertaining to oneself…)

Now generally speaking of the figure pose, maybe as to credit her first ever captured card which is The Fly granting her the ability to fly, Sakura is riding in her sealing wand as she “supposedly” floats in mid air.

DSC_0611-10So lets start..first off is her puffy hat or headdress whatever you prefer. It’s pretty smooth in my figure..this is why I mentioned above about the deceptive description of FurYu (Fine Quality), though only with “some” areas and “copies” because I checked some other blogs who have reviewed her already and they have like worst states than what I have now. (Borrowing a photo from Pri-Chin blog , no edits done with her photo just for comparison)card captor sakura furyu review 3Now this is mine (not so close up but I don’t have that creases like hers) and I feel a little lucky. Just a little though..DSC_0648-40DSC_0612DSC_0604DSC_0676-60DSC_0636-29Next is the wings on her back and on the staff. Maybe. Just maybe FurYu is actually better with crafting wings. I remembered the wings on my Kanade Tachibana, it was also beautiful and at least, justifiable.

DSC_0647-39DSC_0670-56DSC_0625-21 DSC_0626-22DSC_0656-45 DSC_0657-46DSC_0660-48Up next is..her extra frilly laced dressed! Back in our cosplay days, Sakura was one of my plans but I never managed to do it. Though if ever I did, this was my favorite costume of her and the one that I was eyeing on as well. It has a sweet lolita touch in it and it’s really cute. Thanks to Tomoyo! There are some paint spills on the yellow part and some lines are not painted fully, but on display angles its barely prominent. Now looking closely on the photo below, the portion where she grabs the sealing wand, the adhesive seems to be showing its almighty presence.DSC_0632-26DSC_0607DSC_0671-57DSC_0605DSC_0623-19DSC_0639-32DSC_0614Underneath her frilly skirt is a bloomer and you can also see one of the stand grabbing up Sakura’s thigh for support. There’s actually 2 of them the other is shorter which is inserted in the hole at the back part of her skirt.

Moving on to her sealing wand. It’s not entirely fine still because of few paint job issues which are very distinct especially on the “eye” area and the entire body. The first photo below shows her staff is detachable at the other side but I don’t know for what purpose exactly since it’s a one sided detachment. And apparently there is also a notable paint stain from the staff underneath the skirt. More over the staff itself is not well painted but since it’s covered mostly by her skirt, so it’s not that obvious. And speaking of her wand/staff..I’m going to have them reviewd here also, maybec soon..depending on the right always XD

DSC_0620DSC_0672-58DSC_0641-34DSC_0664-52Now the face and hair..they are relatively fine. Lowering your expectations helps a lot you know. Saves you from stressing over creases and folds. lolDSC_0610DSC_0608DSC_0644-36DSC_0613Other parts of her costume including the pretty lolita shoes.DSC_0629-24DSC_0622-18DSC_0638-31DSC_0674-59And lastly saving my favorite part, also this seems like the highlight feature of the entire figure because Cardcaptor Sakura is not complete without these.. as they say, save the best for last ..though seriously I really liked this part. There’s a white stain on the clow book but it’s not part of any defect but a dust probably due to storage that I didn’t noticed not until I zoomed in some photos saw that and checked the figure itself.. disappeared when I wiped it so harm done.

DSC_0614-12First photo (of the clow book and cards) is first blood, there’s already a very noticeable flaw at the lower edge of the The Sweet Card. Fun facts. If ever you are curious..take note that mine is the Cherry version so the cards here are The Sweet and The Dash while the other version which is the Fine Quality, has the cards of The  Move and The Jump. Let us be clear on that in case someone out there will freak out seeing a different clow card on’s not fake maybe you just have the other version. Now continuing…

There’s the white dust I was saying earlier..but its only a dirt or somehow my fear says its from the dreaded adhesive they are using ? Anyways, I like how Sakura grabs the book in this angle. So classy. Her hands here reminds me of the ever sexy butler, Sebastiaaaaan.

DSC_0651-41DSC_0645-37DSC_0661-49DSC_0615DSC_0662-50DSC_0600DSC_0594There is also a few printing flaws on both back and front of the cards but from a distant you won’t even notice it. The gold accents on both book and cards is generally painted nicely. However, the adhesives like I mentioned is really bothering me. I don’t know what kind they use but I think they are somehow relatives with the ones I know like Mighty Bond because they have the same effect when drying up. They leave this white or cloudy stain on the surface but it can be removed by wiping it out ..but still its really troublesome! Gad FurYu please lol

. . .

Anyways that pretty sums up all the major parts of this Sakura figure. Unlike her previous prize figures, this one is actually better. Or that’s taken already. Also despite of the 40% flaws I found on my version, she is still one of the best and accurate mass-produced figure out there. I know there’s not yet a perfect Sakura figure but at least I am delighted that she is being reproduced now after quite a long time. So I guess that’s it, and now closing this post with a last look of our one and only Cardcaptor! Catch you catch me~~



23 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura : Kinomoto Sakura Cherry Version (FuRyu)

  1. So much nostalgia! CCS was a fever back in the days! I didn’t expect to find something new about it nowadays!
    WOW! “Professional collectors” sure have special eyes, I failed to notice anything wrong with this figure until you pointed out in the photo!
    I don’t think a fake pirate version would have different cards. If it did, in a way, that would also be an interesting and rare thing worth to collect!
    Anyway, I didn’t know FuRyu had something to do with CCS. Maybe they could release a CCS game someday. Who knows?

    1. Hahaha I don’t consider myself pro but probably when you collect this kind of stuffs for quite a long time’ll have an instinct of smelling and seeing immediately that something is wrong lol

      Well you actually got a point, a bootleg with a different card is a rare find!! And I bet if ever there will be a game..its gonna be region locked -_-

      1. Oh that is cool but… I’m not good with that downgrading..upgrading.. Decoding or whatever stuffs like that >_< it feels so complicated to me lol

      2. I know what you mean. This one looks absurdly simple, but I can’t even try to use it, since it’s incompatible with my ‘New 3DS’ model…

  2. oh so there was a different version. I didnt notice the colors of the magic circle in the base not until I saw this. wow thanks

      1. Its sad because its small hahaha but If you place her in safe areas like for example detolfs ..then maybe she will survive xD though so far with my exp I guess she wont break with 2-3 falls ..but depends on the height origin also @_@

      2. Past and recent hohohoho most of the time their hair.. Like with my witchblade uhm.. I broke her ahoge >_< because she fell one time while I was cleaning up huhuhu

      3. OH my. Your house (or room?) must really be full with figures! And I thought figures are gummy/rubbery, so they wouldn’t break that easily. Did that Witchblade figure fall from high place?

        Do you always buy them at full prices, or get them at discounted prices?

      4. Indeed my room and partly of the house is filling up with figure boxes and my mom is getting worried because My toys are consuming up spaces hahaha but i love them huhuhu

        Well mostly of the figures are made of PVC.. They do feel like its not literally that the whole figure breaks..only in some “fragile” parts..say for example the thin portion of hairs, tip of wings, accessories and weapons..and joints (for articulated ones like nendo and figma) those are the watch out for parts.

        I do mostly buy on regular prices especially the new ones (pre order).. But even the old ones (like the limited and rares) are still expensive..because their values shoots up as time goes by.

        >_< … Collecting cancer. Lol.

      5. You might have to build an annex to your house, then!

        Oh, I see I see. Thanks for clarifying all that!

        Wow. I can’t imagine myself investing so much money for figures! >.< I'd probably be more willing to spend for anime DVDs/manga. By the way, I'm curious on how you've become a figure collector–your inspirations, motivations, etc. I'd like it if you write a post about it. 😀 This is just a suggestion, though.

      6. Hahahaha I will definitely but that will have to wait xD That’s why I wanted to work outside for more funds lol but srsly tho I really wanted to have an exclusive room just for them >_< someday… Someday !!!

        Inspirations…. Hmmmm basically its anime 🙂 everything was because of anime.. And the collection of figures started when I was in college ( but if we talk about other anime merchandises in general then it was in grade school) …back in the days where I can only afford bootleg (BL) or fake ones because obviously Im just a poor student but I did promise myself that Ill do buy authentic when the right time comes. And that time was when I graduated xD.. After that I disposed all of my BL's, sold them and gifted some to my friends since they were cheap so I didn't mind giving them out for free. So more or less I have been collecting toys for like 5 years already.. That's why they keep growing right o.o .. But my collection is still in baby stage I must say.. Compared to other collectors I know and have seen who are way beyond my reach (just for now tho hahaha I mean who knows someday I will too xD )

        In case you are not so familiar with them check out Alodia and Yexel.. (Semi)Celebs collectors and they have an awesome collection. I guess this people are also listed as an inspiration for me. I envy them actually but what can I do, they are rich as hell.

        Collecting (anime) figures makes me feel closer to my favorite characters. Personally I don't just collect because they look so cool, so cute and a like .. I do collect majority of the characters that Im attached too.. ( you will notice it so far with the ones in my blog tho they're just partly of my entire collection) The ones that I really know by heart and seeing them with form has this satisfying effect on me..some may not understand esp. those who cant relate nor know anime but for me it feels priceless. Looking back on my childhood days, before I only see them on screen but now I see them everyday in my desk, in my shelves or anywhere in my room xD. And moreover taking photos of them adds life to it. The feeling is irreplaceable.

        O.O I don't know tho if this seems interesting to you xD but so far thats it.. Haha ill have a novel if I explain more lol

      7. Wow. That sure was long, and I appreciate your work on it–you really take this seriously (as in, with all your heart).

        This adequately fills in what I didn’t understand about people like you who collect anime figures. And I see it all in a new perspective.

        I can relate to it. It’s kind of like how I feel when I complete a fan art of my favorite characters. Although figures and drawings are basically different things, what they do to us fans are similar. Like you, I can choose to scan my sketchbook and see them everyday… or whenever I feel like doing.

        Oh, another difference is that you worry about your room space and where to display your future figures, but what I worry about is running out of sketchbook (though, for the past few months I hadn’t drawn a lot so I didn’t need to buy new ones).

      8. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 though that’s just me.. I’m not sure if others with the same hobby / passion as me feels the same o.o but either way it’s their own beliefs anyway xD

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