Rilakkuma : Of Sling Head Bags

I got this package from Korea a few days ago..its a sling bag that I’ve been hunting since I started my fandom with Rilakkuma ~ (´▽`ʃƪ)♡DSC_0602-1-1DSC_0606-5-5Kyou mo minna de daradara goron“, meaning “Everybody is allowed to be lazy somedays”

I am not sure if this is licensed by San-x or whatever because they have a different tag… but I know this is from a legit shop in Korea who sells Rilakkuma items that is designed in Korea directly. Either way its pretty cute that I just can’t miss this out.DSC_0604-3-3 DSC_0605-4-4DSC_0608-6-6 DSC_0610-7-7Its quite small to be a shoulder bag so its more ideal as a sling one..since the strap is adjustable just right in the hips length. This is convenient for a rush get away, like in my part where I usually go out for a second to buy somethings and go straight home again. Just the perfect bag partner, cute and light.DSC_0612-8-8It has a small Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma head as a zipper handleDSC_0613-1Even if its pretty small the inside is quite spacious because of its shape probably. So basic kits can still fit inside like small purse, phone, iPod and earphones (as for me because I always bring it with me no matter what), also brush and whatever you feel like bringing (with the appropriate size of course). My 3DS LL by the way can fit in just fine XDDSC_0614-10-10DSC_0619-1-13DSC_0615-1-11 DSC_0618-1-12So there you go 🙂 I hope you like the bags as well ^_^ Bye bye ~~

. . .

18 thoughts on “Rilakkuma : Of Sling Head Bags

      1. Waaaa how come you not know Rilakkuma oooh my poor rila hahaha anyways I wish I do endorse for them (hooray for free stuffs) but unfortunately no, Im just one of those overly attached collector 😁

      2. I really do !!!! Hahahaha Rila now is like my 3rd love.. Though only 3rd but still hahaha He’s actually kinda famous in Japan and Korea @_@ same with Domo-kun and Hello Kitty.

      3. Oooh Anime is first of course hahaha second is games (rpg, consoles) and yeah Rila is 3rd since he’s the other stuffs that Ive been hoarding since anime merchandise and figures.

        Rilakkuma originated in Japan though 🙂 he’s a lazy bear who loves to eat pancakes and roll on his belly @_@ .. Rilakkuma licensed merchs are pretty expensive .. And he is under San-x together with My Melody and Sentimental Circus (there’s still others though)

      4. I thought the 2nd love was manga. Ahaha. Am I the only aniblogger who doesn’t regard herself a gamer? (Of course, I played some games… but I don’t play enough to be considered a gamer)

        Whuut. I don’t recognize those other stuff–My Melody and Sentimental Circus. x_x

      5. I guess for me manga is already under anime.. Because anime is like a broad description..kinda covers majority like say figures and manga XD
        Well games has always been my second addiction.. I cant stop it until now lol.

        You should check them out xD I guess you’re not so into stuffed things?

      6. Ah, I see your point. Kind of like how I call my blog an anime blog, but it also covers manga and Japanese music. Haha

        Hmmm, now that I think about it, I’m not really into stuff like stuffed stuff. I like looking at them, but I don’t fall in love with them to the point that I want to possess them. Err, I retract what I said. I just don’t have the means to buy them. I would if I could. 😦

      7. Haha I feel on you on that.. Welcome aboard xD since I have an expensive hobby sometimes there are figures that I really cant afford as of the mean time 😦 but patience… Patience always wins lol

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