Nendoroid : Hatsune Miku Racing 2014 ~GOOD SMILE Racing~ (Good Smile Company)

MIKU EVERYWHERE ! (as what majority would say lol)

My second Hatsune Miku nendoroid since the beginning of time lol I said before that I wasn’t much of a vocaloid fan but when Good Smile released last year that Rabbit Yukine Snow Miku, I thought that this ain’t bad at all (so she became my first Miku nendo). And what can I say, of the same year another good looking nendoroid from Miku appeared.DSC_0534DSC_0537 I used to feel like (and still) that Miku is everywhere in  every single season, Snow version, Halloween, Racing, School or whatever else out there which makes (me) a little turned off. But I also thought that maybe someday there could be some releases that will actually make me want her. (And oh btw I actually like her 2014 Halloween version as well)

This Racing Miku 2014 was illustrated by the artist Oguchi with design direction by Shigeto Koyama, famous for his work in various anime series including Kill la Kill! (No wonder I like this Racing version of her so much like seriously !) Her box is pretty colorful and she also comes with various accessories like Trophies (2 of them for 1st and 2nd Victory), smiling face plate, extra racing wheels (on her both side), that belt something on her waist with pink wires (sorry IDK exactly what’s that called), and extra arms and legs. She also has an overdrive like background, which I think would look good with her append version figure. And maybe that explains why the design on that background has the same touch and feels with my Kill la Kill prize figures.DSC_0541DSC_0598DSC_0602DSC_0620DSC_0637One thing that I find really attractive with this Miku Racing version is her hair! (I told you my fetish with haaaaairs) Its all curled up cutely. Furthermore, her eyes is looking good in here. So vibrant! This 2014 version also feels more original than the previous releases. Though I must say that she also has a very limited pose in this one. Both her main and extra arms looks exactly the same only that the extra has holes at the back of the palm where the pink wires will be inserted.DSC_0560-2DSC_0544 DSC_0545 DSC_0547All over, her racing outfit, for all I know are names of figure companies and events?DSC_0555-2 DSC_0559-2DSC_0589-2DSC_0549DSC_0644DSC_0556-2DSC_0553-2And Good Smile Company just perfectly right in her arms, chest part and a logo by her headphones.DSC_0552-2Pretty gradient on her racing boots! Now onto chainging gears! Well (for me though), it was a slight pain inserting the pink wires in the holes at the back of her hand. Maybe because my own hands were not that stable enough lol but otherwise no other problem noted. The pink wires by the way is very flexible so you won’t worry that you’ll break the thing.DSC_0627DSC_0610DSC_0608This reminds me so much of Motoko Kusanagi, wires attached to her nape. (But that sounded painful at the same time on a human’s point of view *chills)

Miku’s hair is smoothly movable. Getting the hair up presents the impression of an “overdrive” feel ..and probably when the race is over, when all the acceleration stops, you can just put her hair down and gives her that cute little curls. Classy.DSC_0640DSC_0638DSC_0551Another typical accessory for a “racing figure” supposing would be an umbrella but based on her “gears” and over all outfit I don’t think an umbrella would look good together with it so yeah I guess it’s fine without one. Though a car is probably better (but we are demanding for more extra yen on that). Hatsune Miku actually felt more like she’s going to fly at full speed with those I’m-not-sure-if-they’re-called-gear-wheels on her side. (and why did Gogo popped up in my head)

. . .

So I guess that’s it for now with this Racing Miku, she says that the next race is starting in a while so she needs to get going lol (Well I’m sorry for interrupting you Miku-san >.> ) Im pretty excited with the scaled version of this because I also adore that so much! I have been totally infected by Miku syndrome huhuhu.Agon1408821124Oh gad look at her *cries in joy!

So yep that’s it!! Bye guys~!dsc_0622-1

19 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Hatsune Miku Racing 2014 ~GOOD SMILE Racing~ (Good Smile Company)

      1. I know right??? Seriously I was never a fan but gah when this came out.. I really thought this was sooo different compared to the old releases of Racing Miku xD though of course people will never be satisfied haha, still others says they’re disappointed and I agree at some point like this nendo has limited poses.. Hmmm but other wise she is still byuuuuuuteeefull. So that’s all that matters xD

      2. And welcome to the Miku fanbase! 🙂 I may not actively show it, but I consider myself a Miku fan. She’s the first vocaloid I ever got acquainted to.

      3. I guess so That I’m really infected now xD Like I have been collecting toys since 2010 and I just had my first ever Miku nendo last year (Snow Miku) then second is this one, though I also liked the Halloween but meh it wasn’t enough to make me spend for her haha gad Miku please staph lol

      4. Unfortunately I don’t know much of her songs.. Way Back in 2008 (I guess) a friend of mine who lives in Japan now introduced me to Miku..He linked a youtube song of Miku and I liked that one but I forgot the title already. For now all I know are some songs under Project Diva and that dance of her Love and Joy ..I still enjoy listening and watching that one haha it’s so cute.

      5. To be honest, I don’t know much of her songs, too, especially the newest ones. It’s been long since I actively looked for some new songs. orz

  1. Not a fan of Miku but I must say after seeing this I was a bit more interested because of the accessories and the body >w< It'd be bad to have the Miku Syndrome, she has a new nendo every season and every year! haha. But I do love Miku HMO and Hachune and 3.0…oh noes the Miku Syndrome has spread now!!! XD

    1. I know the feels right?! Miku is unstoppable haha her scaled figures are also getting more and more interesting >_< is there any antidote to this Miku syndrome? Lol

  2. Hi Bubu-chan! (What should I call you nee-chan? @3@”’ ) My first time here in your blog! I’m super glad I was able to randomly get here. All your content are super awesome, and all the photos are ♡♡♡ I agree that 2014 Racing Miku is super lovely! The hair.. ughh.. those gradients in her hair in her scale figure too! Its totally beautiful! Were you able to preorder her? ♡

    1. Mehehe neechan is good 😍 Younger friends do call me like that as well haha anyways Thank you you liked my posts and Im happy that you run into my humble blog xD Indeed this is my favorite racing Miku nendoroid as of the moment 😍 .. Feel free to loiter here lol .. And would be very glad to have you around ^_^ 😘

      And oh btw I think I did manage to PO in Amiami but I’m actually not so sure either because it was already sold out when I last checked then a few days after I saw it again opened and when I placed my order it went back to being sold out so I was thinking it’s a 50-50 maybe XD

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