Nisekoi : Onodera Kosaki PM Figure (SEGA)

Now hello there Team Onodera about time that I put this shy heroine on the spotlight. So for today we will have Kosaki Onodera as a follow up with the previous post which is Kirisaki Chitoge.DSC_0534-1She has the same box design like Chitoge, with the 4 girls only that Onodera’s upper and lower part of the box is colored pink well as for Chitoge it was blue. And also the same base..just the plain black circle with Nisekoi in Katakana (*corrected already) written on it.

DSC_0538-2 DSC_0540-3If you have noticed I changed my watermark..nothing special just felt like changing and anyways moving on to Onodera again. She’s the typical and “always” opposite of the (other) heroine. The timid type, soft spoken and “innocent” kind of shojo in anime. Or more likely as what they say, your “ideal waifu” (though still depends on one’s taste)DSC_0542-4 DSC_0544-5But since I am in Team Chitoge so my types are those aggressive on the outside but uhm.. has a soft spot on in the inside of course. So going back again into the figure details…

DSC_0548-7 DSC_0547-6Onodera seems to have a lesser crease on her shoes compared to Chitoge, also since her socks is shorter and in white color so there’s not much of a noticeable paint spills. The hair. Onodera’s hair is much much shorter (why is everything shorter) than of Kirisaki’s, but it is cut in a cute way especially on her right side of the head. I also like the long thin hair on her left side which reminds me of a Jedi padawans only that it’s not braided. (Don’t mind my imagination..)
DSC_0558-14DSC_0555-12DSC_0566-20Some few folds and creases by her hair. Next is her uniform. In Onodera’s version we can at least appreciate the back part since she has a shorter hair because with Chitoge it was completely covered by her long hair.DSC_0557-13 DSC_0564-19DSC_0550-9DSC_0561-16DSC_0569-22DSC_0570-23DSC_0571-24Very distinct folds 
by her  skirt, sleeves and at the back of the sailor collar. Proof of a prize figure XD But I am glad that her over all hair seems to be fine especially behind. Now moving on to Onodera’s “innocent” face which I must say is really cute and sweet. She harbors this positive outlook in life aura with her expression and that it sends off a message like, “I will do my best!” or for someone else’s sake, “Do your best!”DSC_0574-26DSC_0549-8DSC_0552-11Well what can I conclude.. I felt betrayed that Onodera’s lighting is way better than Chitoge when I took her photos huhu Maybe it has something to do with Chitoge’s hair color ? O_O .. sigh either way I think so. So anyhow that ends my Team Onodera special, though I wonder if Max Factory will also release the same version ? Who knows...

Did you like her? 🙂 And as for a little tribute let me close this post with a few photos of both girls together. By bye ~~!

DSC_0587-32DSC_0585-30DSC_0586-31 DSC_0577-27

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