Nisekoi : Kirisaki Chitoge PM Figure (SEGA)

As a tribute to the upcoming second season this April of the harem series that caught us last year, I present for today something for Team Chitoge ~! (Including myself)DSC_0533Another beautiful prize figure with a beautiful box, a picture of all 4 Raku girls (。◝‿◜。)DSC_0536DSC_0535DSC_0537DSC_0538Written on base is Nisekoi in Katakana (ニセコイ) (*corrected already)DSC_0539 DSC_0540nisekoi-1-22-kirisaki-chitoge-sorryChitoge is suppossed to have a pretty pink gradient in her hair but it seems that it wasn’t given enough justice in this figure (considering “it’s” just a prize figure). Her hair strands was the first part that was emphasized on her “first” appearance in the series which also caught my attention of course. I like how it was described as a “colored” hair knowing she was from America (stereotype?). Taking into account of the lighting’s in my room.. there’s actually a little pink in it (refer to photo no.3) though it still barely shows even in actual.DSC_0559DSC_0558DSC_0563DSC_0562Moving on to the pretty face and other details of her seifuku. She looks bright and pumped up with this face..just like her usual self. Lively and 99% tsun tsunDSC_0547DSC_0553DSC_0565DSC_0550Some creases on top of her hair  and shoes and also a few paint overspills in her stockingsDSC_0566DSC_0568DSC_0543 DSC_0574And by the way.. while I was browsing Amiami.. I saw in their ranks an exact figure like this of Chitoge (same pose) which is up for pre-order now and will be released on June 2015, at 1/7 scale made by Max Factory and definitely more pricey (well that goes for me). The Prize Figure on the other hand is in 190 mm (7.41 in) tall.FIGURE-009794So what do you think? I am not sure if I am going to order since they look exactly the same with my prize figure..though I can’t say much yet about the hair color (yes it’s very important to me). If ever the actual productions will have a 10x better gradient and considering its a 1/7 scale, well why not?DSC_0552DSC_0576Well that’s it for now for Team will be something for Team Onodera of course 🙂 So stay tuned okay! Muuah ~(˘▾˘~)DSC_0562-2


6 thoughts on “Nisekoi : Kirisaki Chitoge PM Figure (SEGA)

  1. Im not sure with the Max Factory release but just in case Id rather go with the one Alter has which will released pretty soon I guess

    1. Same here.. Sine the Max Factory and Sega is like err.. Twins so IDK really plus its expensive 😱 compared to this Sega which is around 1500-2000 yen only and Im pretty satisfied with it (though slightly disappointed with the hair but hey its “just” prize figure like I said).. I saw that there’s a painted version of Alter in MFC tho IDK if its the real deal already but anyways its totally pretty ! And much worth it compared to the Max Factory version.

    1. Definitely too bad with her hair 😭 I always look at the figure hairs because thats like my favorite part.. Anyways thank you for the tag .. I have to gather my thoughts first…they seem to be pretty easy questions but wew there are a lot of answers !! Hahaha thank you again and I will keep you posted with that 😃 muuahugs 😙

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