Izumi Konata Ichiban Kuji Premium Lucky☆Star ~Lucky☆Grand Prix~ (Banpresto)

I really wanted to do something today..so here goes our ever Otaku girl Konata as a cute Race Queen~!DSC_0539

Lucky☆Star ~Lucky☆Grand Prix~DSC_0540DSC_0541I have 2 pieces of this figure.. the other one is incomplete (just Konata herself no accessories) which I got from a local Facebook shop. And the one in the blog right now is from Manda.DSC_0543 DSC_0547 DSC_0548DSC_0577DSC_0576DSC_0573 DSC_0574I have read others complain regarding the umbrella? Says it’s hard to insert or something but as far as my experience goes.. I don’t find it difficult to insert or remove actually so I am not quite sure with the others.DSC_0550 DSC_0551 DSC_0578DSC_0564I like her boots!

Getting into her other body details . .I mentioned that I always emphasize figure hairs because the waves and the curves are just so pretty in my eyes like I wish I could have that kind of hair in real life. And in this one Konata has a long beautiful hair in sea blue tied into a high knot to match her overall Race Queen look.DSC_0568DSC_0565 DSC_0567Konata is also one of the most well known pettanko anime girls out there.. your typical loli (or no ?) ~ I adore her body curves in this figure.. it really shows that even flat chested is also sexy !
DSC_0553DSC_0558DSC_0584DSC_0583And my favorite angle.. or everyone’s  favorite. . lolDSC_0572Other than her hair, Konata’s mole below her left eye has always been an additional asset in her cuteness. It goes so well with her emerald eyes. And also that super cute cat like mouth she has..just so adorable.DSC_0563DSC_0556Removing the umbrella and you see the gap in her fingers where you can actually insert other props as long as it fits perfectly. A sword maybe? o_o or some..thing.. else. ..DSC_0579Konata still looks good with or without the umbrella but without makes me imagine that Italian gesture.. O_O You know what I mean right ? Just a different angle but still. .  ugh what has been imagined cannot be unseen lol
DSC_0582DSC_0554So, the figure is beautiful and sexy at the same time. Just like a real Race Queen (only that a kid version lol) ! It’s a prize figure with a high quality of sculpting I must say and the details are quite precise in some parts like the markings and designs on her clothes and boots and the umbrella is also well made. So if you are into racing girls and pettanko then Konata is a gorgeous addition to your shrine.DSC_0581

. . .

Teaser post~~ Jumping into Grail Quest 2015 Bandwagon ! I still have to finalize whom and how am I gonna start everything. So see ya and stay tuned okay 🙂DSC_0586

3 thoughts on “Izumi Konata Ichiban Kuji Premium Lucky☆Star ~Lucky☆Grand Prix~ (Banpresto)

  1. It’s so weird to see Konata wearing so few clothes…I was giving my all to not make a disgusting observation about her hands, but you had to go out to do that in my place, huh?
    This waistline…this pose…it looks so…painful! Most people look at this and find it to be sexy, but I’m probably weird, since the first think that comes to mind is: “It must be so uncomfortable to pose like that!”
    I like Konata A LOT! She is really funny! But it’s a bit odd to see her SD head stuck to this body with more realistic proportions…
    Also, “some people complain about the umbrella”? At least they got the damn umbrella! Death to the asshole who sold this Konata without any acessories to you!

    1. Hahahah well I don’t know what happened to him now at least this time I got a complete one. Id say that the pose is actually …tiring in reality because that too much curve by the waist is definitely going to ache but oh well its probably gonna last for a shoot only xD And Im sorry about the hand looool I can’t help it myself haha

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