Rilakkuma : Strawberry Tea Party Re-ment

Today is the last first Friday of the year ! And realizing that next year is more or less 3 weeks away ヾ(。・ω・。) Anyways .. as a parting of the year celebration I randomly decided to make a Rilakkuma Re-ment 101 blogging. Just a simple showcasing of the different re-ment series from our favorite lazy bear. So for today I’m going to start with my favorite which is the Strawberry Tea Party set ~~

Re-Ment Spotlight !!

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Rilakkuma : Waffle Maker (Chocolate and Coffee Series)

Today we will be looking at my freshly delivered Rilakkuma Waffle Maker. Its the Chocolate and Coffee series though there is also a new released “Taiyaki” maker from the recent Lawson Cat edition and still trying to get my hands on that (๑・`◡´・๑)DSC_0531 Continue reading