Kill la Kill : Kiryuin Satsuki PM Figure (SEGA)

Hello web ! Today I fetch a bunch of goodies in the mail and it felt sooooo awesome. It’s truly Christmas now “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” Well anyways lets get into business.. so I have already showcased the little sister a few weeks ago and now it’s the “Oneesan’s” turn! (Though it actually took me quite a lot of time before I manage to post her.. sorry I was busy with somethings)DSC_0531 (2)

Well I wanted to make a similar intro silhouette photo for Satsuki-sama but… I forgot to shot something to work with it so yeah… teehee *silly laughDSC_0559Still with the usual Sega Prize basic set. The base for the figure and the sword, the sword of course and your highness herself, Satsuki Kiryuuin.DSC_0533 (2)DSC_0535 (2) DSC_0536What a terrible sin to look this elegantly Satsuki-sama *cries happily (´▽`ʃƪ) Now onto her details, there’s not enough word to describe her highness so let the photo speak for itself lolDSC_0540DSC_0537DSC_0556DSC_0562DSC_0539DSC_0550Those très bien legs… DSC_0552DSC_0543DSC_0551

Like with Ryuko’ base in my older post ..Satsuki’s Kanji name is also written on her base.

I wonder what shampoo hime is using ≧(´▽`)≦ Nag rejoice ka ba girl ? But seriously I specifically adore her hair in this prize figure.DSC_0553DSC_0549And who could ever ignore those lovely eyebrows .. ಠ , ಥ , those cold stares that could melt you and she says, “You’re still all PIGS IN CLOTHING ! ” aaaah Satsuki-sama ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚
DSC_0558DSC_0557Satsuki-sama’s signature pose with her sword. That bow-to-me aura she always has.DSC_0541DSC_0548And Junketsu closer ..DSC_0547DSC_0545Comparison with Ryuko Matoi Sega Prize Figure. Satsuki-sama is wow taller.. well obvoiusly she’s the older sister anyways..
DSC_0568DSC_0569DSC_05311The nendoroid looks fiercer compared to this Sega Prize. Seems like Satsuki-sama is angrier in the Nendo version XD

So anyways that is all for our hime ~~ hope you enjoyed the photos. I hope or I REALLY REALLY hope Sega will make a Kamui version …ooooh la la la so now I’m off to beat some shadows again, not that I’m slow with Persona..I just want to savor every bit of dungeon it has 🙂 Ja ne see ya in the next post (below)


34 thoughts on “Kill la Kill : Kiryuin Satsuki PM Figure (SEGA)

      1. Same here. Thanks for following my aniblog. 😀
        May I know where in the PH you’re from? I’m from DVO, btw. Lately I’ve been meeting a few fellow bloggers from PH, so I wonder if there’s anyone living near my city.

      2. DVO as in Davao ? Correct me if Im wrong 😱 I am from Bacolod (Negros) hehehe too As much as I want to meet and greet fellow bloggers as well but majority of them is from Luzon .. 😦

      3. Yes, Dvo.

        Woah, so far! >.< You know a lot of PH anibloggers? From this side of the blogosphere (WordPress), I only know battledash, Leap250, cladinblue, and TPAB.

      4. Hahah yes a bit far from where you are 🙂 I don’t know much of them actually huhu since I’m like a “loner” blogger hahaha and the ones I know are not even using wordpress but blogspot like pinkcheeks since I originally started in blogspot wayback in cosplay days xD.. But now Im glad there’s another new buddy to have a little chat with the same hobbies ^_^

      5. Ooh I feel kinda embarrassed >_< .. It may sound Ironic (because we're supposed to be bloggers) but I mentioned that I feel and act like a loner blogger so I still have thoughts that no one gives a gaddam care to what I post (crazy thoughts) but if ever there is out there I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart xD like srsly 😁

      6. We’re still anime fans who try to voice out our opinions, so it’s natural to feel happy whenever someone out there compliments what we do. 🙂

      7. Yes I would totally agree ^_^ but Im also happy even without lol since Im doing this because I love anime and its like a tribute to them..anyways aren’t we nocturnal people lol

      8. Aha. Right. Do you often sleep this late? Because these days, I sleep at around 4am. I need to adjust my body clock again before school starts.

      9. Yes I do.. A LOT. I usually blog and play at this hour lol ooh so school hasn’t started there yet? Or is it something else.. neesan here btw xD Ive passed that stage long looooong ago haha

      10. Yep. Will not bother into details, but school days at my university will resume much later.

        Yep, nee-san, I figured from reading your introduction on the right side of the site. But what about your work?

      11. I just resigned recently from the Hospital I used to work because apparently I was hired abroad ..though Im still on the verge of processing my dear documents xD so crosses finger that everything will go smooth and easy. And Who knows Ill be blogging abroad soon hahaha >_<

      12. Thank you 😬 but but… Im gonna miss out a lot of my toys huhuhu .. And that would be too troublesome to stack new ones abroad lol but anyways we will see what happens XD and btw you have an hour left hahah if you do sleep at 4am xD

      13. Woah, and figures might be more expensive there. But you can afford them when you do earn there, so it’s not much of a problem, is it?

        Yep. And I realized I gotta do some blogging before I sleep. Btw, you have twitter?

      14. The price is alright (that sounded like a gameshow lol) and reasonable but the shipping is the winner >_< sometimes the SF is twice as the item price itself -_-

        Then you gotta blog now xD and yes I have one ..its also shown in the side bar of my blog @elledejavu (Bubu-Chan) ^_^

      15. O_O That’s eye-popping eye-opener to me. I only knew that SF is high, but I never knew they can be as high as twice the item price. 😦

        You don’t seem to lurk on twitter, but I followed you anyway. Hoping to have more chats with you over there! G2g for now. Thanks for the chat!

      16. Hahah yes SF are monsters. Anyways thank you again ..had a great time chatting with you so far ^^ though yeah I don’t stay much in twitter only for blog links 😦 but since My phone is always connected there I can still get in touch if someone beeps in xD happy blogging today and goodnight ^_^

      17. Those are their wordpress handles. ThePantlessAnimeBlogger’s Battledash’s and Leap250’s blogs are pretty easy to find since they’re the titular blogs of these bloggers. cladinblue’s blog is Kawaranai Mono Aniburogu.

        While I’m at it, there’s also another Filipino Canada-based blogger: ArriaCross of Fujinsei. I’m not sure if you’ve already met her (online), but it doesn’t hurt to mention her.

    1. Hi po. Im sorry if it took forever to reply xD I bought that in Mandarake. Mostly of my figure are from abroad and so far wala naman ako naging problem sa shipping or customs 🙂 You can try check out Hubbyte Store from facebook. It’s a legit shop I guarantee you. If ever you need some figures ^_^

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