Ranka Lee Ichiban Kuji Premium Special Wing Version (Banpresto)

Hello again. Well.. it seems like, that typhoon Ruby is moving on a slow pace but still she is definitely heading to havoc Philippines soon. Anyways, as to my featured figure today let me go back with my favorite girl, Ranka Lee. Been a while since I opened a box of her so yeah today will be another Ranka figure spotlight.


This is the “winged” version from Macross Frontier The Movie ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~. Though I said that I was never a Sheryl Nome fan, I admit that this figure would go so well with its pair supposedly. Probably because of the other wing.. sigh.. but no. I can’t go back to my word lol unless some super duper epic wild Sheryl figure will appear 🙂m002sTypical accessories. A wide base and stands, the long ones are both for the wing only and the shorter is a support to Ranka’s huge silk thing behind her costume.DSC_0536Someone said in reddit that I should also post this figure right after the pastel version because it’s also beautiful. And he was obviously right.DSC_0540 DSC_0541I described my previous Ranka figures by magical and Sophisticated but this one is Angelic. Like a real Angel of the Galaxy ~!!DSC_0543The wing is made out of a shiny translucent PVC. It’s actually huge I must say.. and beautiful.DSC_0550 DSC_0551DSC_0559That Harry Potter lightning scar heels lol ..  but this usually what bothers me with Ranka figures. The whole scale is huge and heavy for a one foot stand. Though they have extra stands to support it (refer to next photo from the heels), but still..DSC_0548DSC_0563Anyways… this version has a simple stocking and skirt design but still cute. Ignore the obligatory pantsu shotDSC_0546DSC_0545DSC_0564Not much editing done with the pictures so the glossy red ribbon of her costume is really pretty upclose.DSC_0554DSC_0555Now basically this part is what makes the whole figure fairly “heavy” somehow. And on stuffs like this I wish the thing glows in the dark. It must be cool. (And pricey if ever)DSC_0556DSC_0560The always elegant Ranka accessories, elaborate upper body details and her cute fresh face.DSC_0570DSC_0572DSC_0557DSC_0571DSC_0549DSC_0558My pick part of the figure is the mini crown ! The beads design on it looks so kawaii I want one for my Reira. The whole costume surely is nice in terms of cosplay plus with the wing! Overall the figure is awesome and a good display. Most of the materials are glossy which is why it is nice to look at with a shiny finish.

Well I hope you liked the figure as much as I do even if you are not a Ranka fan XD On some side stories.. It’s really gloomy outside, I haven’t seen the mighty sun since morning 😦 Please stay safe everyone in the Philippines especially in Visayas areas (like myself). Let us all pray for the better..God is good.

Thank You !DSC_0566


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