Hitsuzen Cosplay Bacolod

It’s alright to miss everyone once in a while right ?
We used to be so happy together. Cosplaying nonstop. For Fun. Fun. FUN. But obviously every story has its ending 🙂hitsuzen_core_iii_by_elledejavu-d2y1kuu

I don’t really wanna go through all the troubles of introduction from when and where we started. I just want to share some awesome moments we had way back when cosplay was purely passion and fun. I don’t have all the photos anymore since I got my external HD reformatted for some ill circumstances and somehow the stored photos in my Deviant journals are mostly “missing” too. Thank You to the image hosting site I was using before. It was not easy scavenging old photos. .

Ok so this first photo was taken during our first ever Ozine Fest (2011). I can’t remember well ..1st day they did Ouran Hostclub (I was supposed to be Honey-senpai T_T), I wasnt part of it cause I had some personal business with PRC office that day. 2nd was an individual cosplay..I guess? I was Eruka Frog from Soul Eater. 3rd  day was this Kuroshitsuji group and I was Meiren~~.

Yeah. I hope I got that in order..if not..whatever  o_o
. . .

Rurouni Kenshin Shoot.  I feel so embarrassed right now. I know I suck at being Kenshin but please he’s my 1st love anime bishonen so let me express my appreciation by these cosplay (。´∀`)ノ This is what I really miss the most. Random or mostly unplanned shoots. Good ol’ times 🙂IMG_9204. . .

Since I have lost most of my stored photos I chose this KHR Group shoot of us which was taken by Ms. Annie May Valdez during one of  the Harujukize event held monthly (before or maybe still going on depends if there’s an organizer). It was originally founded by my fellow core member slash leader Von. It was a simple event held in NGC (New Government Center) which gave the opportunity for majority of the Bacolod cosplayers or even our neighboring island like Iloilo and Manila also to gather around and share the passion for cosplay. The fun part of the Harujukize is.. it is a themed occasion. We had games, special prizes and awards for those who gave their best. The Harujukize NGC played an integral part in Bacolod cosplay community. As for the photo below the theme here was Cosa Nostra so we had this mafia version of Vongola family. Me as Chrome Dokuro.

khr_cosa_nostra__famiglia_by_elledejavu-d2yjwc5. . .

Then we have this habit of taking studio photos after every mall events. You know as a souvenir or something like that.

Me here as Chrono from Chrono Crusade. I actually love to crossplay more. Even if my build is not perfect for boys because I’M FAT but I love what I’m doing so yeah.. who cares.DSC_0012. . .

Me as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Another fact is I usually cosplay only those characters that I like the most and small ones (Chrono is also small when he’s not in his demon form). Edward is the cutest midget for me..opps. Sorry Eddy. All included in this photo is the known and official core members of Hitsuzen Bacolod only that Mac is not present at this time. Somehow we can never have a complete photo of us 9 since Bleach photoshoot. Tragic

DSC_0531-2. . .

Hajime Saito from Hakuouki Shinsengumi. Well okay, he’s not small but I obviously love him. And by far, this hair is my favorite in all my crossplays. It’s just cool.
DSC_0021-2. . .

Ami Kawashima from Toradora. Finally a girl. Haha though seriously I also had lots of female cosplay and mostly looked awful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) See also the growing (faithful and true) family of Hitsuzen Bacolod XDDSC_0050. . .

And woooh Finally a complete 9 of us and also our first ever group cosplay shoot. Yes this is the first when we were still forming Hitsuzen and planning who’s gonna be the official members and this eventually determined the “core”.  Sponsored by the overused Victorina rooftop. I cosplayed Hiyori here..the Shinigami version. I was so addicted to Bleach at this time.. before..everything.. well..I’m not really sure what happened. (・◇・)bleached_by_elledejavu-d2fgvge

Basically now, most of us had gone on our separate ways. Others busy with their school and work. Some actually don’t live in Philippines anymore though we still have few that are active. I myself have far given up my cosplay life. But there’s always room for another if time permits. And besides I’m still active and open for cosplay shoots, I’m actually looking forward to a project sometime this month. *crosses finger*

. . .

Well that’s it all for today, this is also like a pre year ender “I-miss-you-guys” post if only I could scavenge more photos haha. And as for closing chu chu I’m leaving you with (my) personal favorite of all cosplay shoots we had. Oretachi wa FAMILY ~~~~


One Piece Photo taken by : KL Escalona

Photo Processing by : Me

Also seen in my Deviant account.



7 thoughts on “Hitsuzen Cosplay Bacolod

      1. It’s great and not just because I’m a huge ONE PIECE fan. 😉
        I knew it! I’m Filipino, too.

      2. Yes. It’s been a while since I visited the Philippines, that’s why I’m always happy to meet our fellow kababayans here in the blogosphere. Nice to meet you, too. Cheers!

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