Figure Diairies : September – November Batch

Hi internet. So my OVERDUE box finally arrived this morning and actually this is not a recent haul (take note NOT RECENT need to emphasize on that). This has been collected for a couple of months already. It’s like a monthly box or more like . . . every 4 months box lol.DSC_0523The box that held my precious seems to be in a brink of destruction. .

and here they are. Consists of sets from 3 different anime series One Piece, Kuroko no Basket and Gurren LagannDSC_0524I’ll just have a preview of the over all haul and probably will showcase some of the large scales soon. And besides its impossible to present each because that will cause a lot of spam.

So let’s start with Kuroko no BasketDSC_0525DSC_0535DSC_0529DSC_0534 DSC_0531DSC_0532I super like these chibis. It’s so cute that they are sitting on a basketball with their school names on it. And Kuroko is too adorable together with No.2

Next is from One Piece.. or should I say more of Perona XDDSC_0543DSC_0544DSC_0545Oh and speaking of Sabo . . I am quite excited with the new releases of Sabo and Koala figures from SHF. Really looking forward to it.

And lastly, Gurren Lagann my pick of the haul! So sexy Yoko-sama ~~~DSC_0537DSC_0539DSC_0542DSC_0547-3Yoko figures are absolutely stunning. I will definitely make a shrine of her someday XD.

. . .

And that ends my preview of the hauls. I am totally satisfied despite this was a very overdue box. And also looking forward to more Yoko ~~ 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed and see ya next post ^_^DSC_0546


3 thoughts on “Figure Diairies : September – November Batch

  1. Great haul. I got those Yoko as well theyre awesome. You should take photos of them asap haha I am also waiting for my amiami box this month ugh takes too long.

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