Yotsuba and the Sea

So how was your halloween ?

. . .

Me on the other hand spent in a closed hotel conference room full of fellow anxious examinees. Well just part of it though or at least half of my day was spent there haha. But on the bright side of the story I got to visit again my mother’s hometown in Toboso the next day and had a blast with my cousins and other relatives.

Last year we ventured into the infamous cave of Kampanoy of the same place but unfortunately we can’t anymore because of some.. recent happenings in there that prevented us from going back. So this year instead we decided to take ourselves into the sea ! And Yotsuba and Dandboard came with me.


The sun was at its glorious peak. Literally. And I forgot to bring an umbrella so it was a pain walking by the rice fields.. exposed. This is also the time of the year where I get to pay a visit my deceased grandparents (mother’s side). I miss them of course. I was still very young when they were both alive so I had few memories of them but those were treasured ones. πŸ™‚

So anyways here’s a short story of Yotsuba’s day out by the sea (with Danboard cameo).DSC_0583Yotsuba was bored. Her father was still at work and she had a long day ahead. Catching dragonflies and crickets were not enough to fill the day’s adventure so she decided to go somewhere. But where could it be ?DSC_0585and suddenly an idea came in ! . .Summer might be away (for now) but there’s never a wrong time in going to the sea (except when there’s a storm or worst tsunami). But regardless, Yotsuba decided to venture into the salty water.DSC_0540On her way .. Yotsuba found some lovely rocks covered in mosses and surrounded by gigantic mangroves.DSC_0544She was so amazed with the sea rocks that she almost slipt her way down and stumbled upon a seashell .. slowly making its way to the hole by the sand near the shore.DSC_0578DSC_0568Yotsuba followed the humble creature on its way home and to her surprise she saw a familiar face. .DSC_0572

It was her good friend Danboard. Then she invited him to come and play with her for a while. They built sand castles, slid through the mosses, tailed some seashells of different sizes and laughed about random sea creature facts.DSC_0576And that once boring day ended into a heart warming farewell of Yotsuba to her friend and to the sea that made her day brighter !

“I did enjoy a lot today Dan! Thank You for accompanying my silliness :p . . I hope we get to have some seaside adventure again ! “

DSC_0580Β So Yotsuba went home happily .. humming to a summer cheery song.

. . .

Well that ends Yotsuba’s day out and my vacation as well. I know it’s a bit short but it was difficult to take photos as well. The rocks were slippery and it hurts when it hits the right spot. I had to be very careful making my way through the bare sea floor. The sand keeps on sucking my feet like seriously.Β Looking for areas to place Yotsuba was not easy too but I did manage it a little.

I was so dead tired when I got home last night. The bus was packed with I-wanna-go-home commuters and everyone’s faces were exhausted. It was definitely a tiresome day but I do not regret anything though. What else could be a reward from a draining exam.. a little bit of fun and vacation break of course. But every fairytale has to end sadly, back to work back to reality. I think this is gonna be a long week for me as well. Ugh.

So yeah that’s it. Hope you guys did enjoy your short halloween breaks and have a great week ! !


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