The Wolf Children Hana and Ame and Yuki Figure (Medicos Entertainment)

Have you ever wondered if werewolves exists?


Being someone who’s socially unacceptable is one of the hardest things an individual could experience. But having someone who could accept everything about you the world can’t is the best feeling you could ever have.

Stories like The Wolf Children opens the world to norms like if you are different from everyone else it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right for happiness. And that the greatest things you could give to those important to you is loving them unconditionally.

 . . .

The figure was released around this year of May. Produced by Medicos Entertainment and sculpted by PROGRESS. I am not familiar with this company and its my first having to own a product from them.

In regards with the movie, this was brought to us by the same author who made us cry in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and gave us quite a laugh in Summer Wars, Mamoru Hosada.

An inspiring film about a single mom raising two adorable wolf kids. In my point of view the movie might not be as tear jerking as the others out there but definitely, The Wolf Children could still melt its audiences heart away in its own pace.


I awarded this figure myself as my Most Precious Loot of the Year..and now seeing it with my own eyes its really worth it.


It’s a refreshingly beautiful figure and emits a strong emotion of love and protectiveness.

Untitled wolf-children-screenshot-021

(Photos from Google)

Since this field signifies an important role in the movie and in the lives of the Wolf Family, I tried my best to look for spots that could fill it. And gladly we found just the right place. Thank You so much to my brother friend Jase as he was the one who found the location.

DSC_0523-2 DSC_0524-2

It rained the night before till early in the morning, so the grass was damp. It was messy to crawl though I had too. The things you do for a hobby ^_^.

The box comes with a background similar to the grassy scene above, but of course the real thing would still be the best.


We wanted to have as many scenes related to movie as possible but it was as well difficult to look for the exact spots. This photo was particularly requested by Jase as their “farm” fields, or more likely on his own vocabulary, “Hacienda”.


I find it more convenient and realistic removing the base (in some photos) rather than having it. The barefoot makes it more like looking alive. And the good thing was that the figure was sturdy enough to stand on its own although it fell in some cases.. but no serious harm done.

Now moving on to the closer details of the figure. As I am not very familiar with the manufacturer, my point of views might not be as accurate as you would expect. I would solely base everything from what would I see for the first time.


Firstly, the sculpting seems fine and most of the paint jobs are justifiably smooth.


There might be some noticeable seam lines and  edgy flaws but overall, we could just ignore it at second or more glances.

Ame and Yuki seems to be decently sculpted also. I had to admit I adore the concrete details of their wolf ears and tails.


DSC_0537 DSC_0539

I can’t exactly tell what does the look on the kid’s eye expression signifies, but it seems they are being cautious to me. Probably cautious to other humans as they know well that they are “different”.

While Hana on the other  hand, sends off the “I will protect you” mother figure. Basically she is a strong willed character in the story. Despite all those struggles of keeping their family’s secret from the people around them..her love for her kids never wavered.


I’m sorry if I had to take this angle, I just felt the need too :O


The morning dew from the damp grasses. .


I was kinda worried at first. . putting the figure right into the dirt but I remembered the advice from a fellow blogger. Do not be afraid. Since its pvc, I could just wipe it off anyway.

DSC_0559 DSC_0560

As for today’s experience, I would proudly say that all the dirt and dampness deserves a worthy thumbs up. I did enjoy a lot, having an outdoor shoot with my figure for the first time. I would also like to give all my appreciation to Jase, as he was such a big help this morning. Despite being sleep deprived from his nocturnal shift, still he managed to accompany my weirdness. I thank you for sharing your ideas to help the outcome and carrying my stuffs lol.

For the figure, it did not fail any of my expectations. It is a stunning masterpiece and I would never get tired of taking its photos. I hope that this would help you guys out there to appreciate the figure as well. I did my best to showcase the things that I should. And with this, I guess that would conclude today’s figure spotlight and I wish you all a happy week ahead.


5 thoughts on “The Wolf Children Hana and Ame and Yuki Figure (Medicos Entertainment)

  1. I was planning to get this figure sometime next year! I love the movie tho it was sad that Ame has to leave and live in the forest but he’s a half wolf anyway haha. Cool review!

    1. Its definitely a great loot if ever! I love the whole story as well and yes it was sad about Ame but..then he found he’s place in that forest ^_^ I am also glad that he’s mother was supportive. It must be so painful watching her son leave 😦

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