Whatnot Diaries : Cozy Cafe Afternoon

Or more like its evening actually :/

Hi hi again guys. We had an unplanned coffee bonding today and an unplanned figure shoot as well but eventually I wasn’t able to finish everything because it was already late and got too dark and ..of course I hate flash lights.


Some days when you just wanna chill and talk about randomness.

DSC_0517 DSC_0518 DSC_0520 DSC_0521IMG_20141020_181921

So here we are in Hei Cafe, chillin and “catchin’ up” Β as Jase would say it. Non stop talk about 5 Seconds of Summer :). Our Masskara (mis)adventures. Random updates with work and hobbies. Music and guitar pick !

Tomorrow I need the full strength to wake up early and continue my shoot with the next figure in line. The one I wasn’t able to finish tonight. Outdoor scenery is the best for this figure πŸ™‚ Those sun flares and dew leaves would be perfect ! You will know why if you are familiar with the anime ^_^ ..


Tomorrow ^_^


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