Ranka Lee Ichiban Kuji Premium Macross F ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~ Magical Girl Pastel Version (Banpresto)

Hello hello. So yesterday I watched Guardians of the Galaxy with friends and it was awesome..though I am not familiar with the whole story of GotG but it was just cool (in my point of view). Well of course everybody’s favorite and my favorite too, GROOOOOT (。´∀`)ノ I wish I had a pet like him lol.

Anyways.. before the movie I went first to the post office and fetch my lovely Ranka Lee fresh from Mandarake! I randomly found her and she was extremely cheap to be honest. I mean for this kind and quality of a figure.. its pretty awesome I got her in a very pocket friendly price.

DSC_0322I know this is not a new release version but this is definitely one of my all time favorite Ranka Lee figures.I’m a fan of pastel colors (*´・v・) so this is a perfect addition to my Ranka girls~~ I have this habit of collecting almost all of the large and medium scales of a specific character and make a “shrine” of it. Also together with her came in a few Bakemonogatari Ichiban Kyun Chara 2014 releases (4 of them and some old edition)

There’s still a lot of characters to complete in this series ( ゚д゚) plus the different editions..

DSC_0325 DSC_0326and as to my personal choice of course … the ever loli vampire Shinobu (´∀`)♡  aaah look how cute she is .. sitting so seriously lol

. . .

Going back to Ranka Lee, this is her Magical Girl Pastel 1.5 version from Macross Frontier The Movie ~Sayonara no Tsubasa~. As to what the title implies .. the figure is composed mostly of pastel colors including her hair which is usually a dark green but in here it’s a lighter version (or more like a yellow green one) to match her overall pastel look.


The set only has a few pieces, the base stand with cute stars in it. The “key” wand which sums up the Magical Girl title and the support for the leg/thigh. Well for this kind of scale with only one leg that stands as its main support, it definitely needs another thing to hold it.

DSC_0329DSC_0333 DSC_0345

Her colors are so vibrant it’s really nice to look at  and also her face itself. Ranka Lee has always been the cheerful one in the series despite her traumatic and tragic past. (´ ▽`).。o♡

What also makes me love this figure so much is how precise the details of her accessories and designs in the outfit itself.

DSC_0334-2DSC_0343DSC_0337DSC_0362 DSC_0340DSC_0377DSC_0359DSC_0361DSC_0374DSC_0375DSC_0357DSC_0370That little green “Vajra”,  Ai-kun she came to be friends with is so cute but comes in an orange color in this set. I actually have a ballpen of him and it’s also a cutie (´ε` ) Though I wont use it of course.. just for collection purposes and the fact that it’s huge it’ll be quite hard to grip lol


And here’s one the reason why it’s so precise.. Seeing that fabulous heels of her shoes and the music notes in the tip of her top. Even the stockings has a detailed polka dots design


And see how the one foot stand here. Its actually scary because it might break or fall off. Though the material is hard but considering the weight of the whole figure itself, in cases of accidental fall, it might twist or something. That’s why it comes with the extra support in the thigh part for additional sturdiness and stability.


Overall if you are a Ranka Lee fan this figure is a must have in your list. This version is a complete spice of kawaii, pastel and magic ! Can you resist her cuteness here? (●´□`)♡


p style=”text-align:center;”>DSC_0373

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