Doll Diaries : BJD Reira (My first born)

Reira is officially born. I finally decided the name of my first born but it was rather far away and non-related from my first thought. Anyways if you are familliar then basically the name was based on the anime / manga “Nana” ..

Trapnest.full.72612Yes I am a Trapnest fan. I like it better how Reira Serizawa (Olivia) sings than Nana Oosaka (Anna). And of course the total package, her looks, the ever gorgeous hair and her fashion as well. Plus I was also inlove with the douche bag Takumi 🙂 HA HA HA

So for a brief info about my first born, she is a combination actually. Head of a Dollfamily-H Qixi attached to a 60cm Angel of Dream (AOD) large chest body. Which leads me to make her origin as a hafu also! She grew up mainly in Japan but was born in Russia where in her parents met there! The Reira from Nana is also a hafu so that makes sense! :p The surname I used for her is taken from my boyfriend in Vampire Academy Series, Adrian! Well, the rest of her life will be posted in random photo stories in the future. 🙂

Full Name : Reira Ivashkov

Official Birthday : July 1, 2014

Hobbies : Loves Music (mostly of all genres). Plays instruments (Ukulele | Guitar | Drum).

General Personality : Boyish in someways. The “oneesan”  of the group.


Okay so that’s all of it for her intordcutions now moving on to my welcoming presents! My favorite part of a BJD’s outfit is alway their boots. It’s just so looking cool and badass. Especially those platform or visual kei types. I was also worried that it would be difficult to insert a flat foot into a heeled shoes since there is a seperate heeled foot for bjd but I think it worked just fine. So I got them from eBay however the other boots seems to not have enough glue on it but its easy to fix so no worries.

DSC_0253DSC_0255DSC_0256Personally I love this vintage luggage and would love to have one myself.

DSC_0248 DSC_0249
And of course a pair of top and Skirt. For now this will do.. despite having her name taken from Reira but I guess I do like Nana’s wardrobe more. Punk Rock Style!
DSC_0257 DSC_0260

Also one thing that I really like about this AOD body is the hands. It can easily grab stuffs (literally). It feels more convenient as well because Reira is supposedly a singer so it will be easier to hold a mic. ୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨


Looking closely at her wig.. I’m not quite sure regarding the anime/manga Reira’s hair color. Even the cosplays varies from pink to peach and even light gray (⊙_☉). So here is my closest shade as far as I like it ..and I have another style of the same color, a ponytail (still curly of course). Its for her “other” hairdos especially when she’s out there in the stage or doing shopping (you know girls like to style their hairs!).
The bangs though, that I don’t know how to make one since I wasn’t able to find a similar color, style and length with bangs..however I think this looks okay even without one.

DSC_0280Loving the hair seriously lol. .

Anyways, I wish for her success in her dreams and may she sing all her hearts out! And also will do lots of photo stories in the future! ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

DSC_0282So that’s all of it for my dear first born! Mata Ne!

PS : She’s just a Reira inspired theme but I wont recreate another Trapnest.. I’ll have my own bandname of course ..and the members name as well~~ aaah excitement**

3 thoughts on “Doll Diaries : BJD Reira (My first born)

  1. Congratulations on your first BJD ! I had mine way back in 2011 the feeling is mutual 🙂 Mine is a dollfie dream. Post her photo stories soon ! Its really fun owning dolls like this.

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