Rilakkuma : Sewing Machine

Well hello again ! For the longest time that I have been ordering online it’s the first I had this “too fast” shipment. To think that there is a typhoon in nearby oceans lol. It took only 4 days or 3 and a half to be exact (~o~) well, I don’t know with you guys..maybe you had a lot faster than that but this is according to my past experiences.

My phone funshots of my baby girl this morning..


Anyways so my very first auction box arrived, yep its first. Because I never attempted to before. It was difficult for me especially in Yahoo Japan because they were strict and having a new account is a pain. So luckily I found myself a proxy buyer ! I HONESTLY did not know that there are these kind of people in Japan.

Proxy buyers are what it sounds like. They buy or bid stuffs in your behalf which is cool ! And to think that this job is actually beneficial and convenient to those who stay at home (housewives etc) ! But I wont be posting my auctions stuffs as of now, it will be reserved for the next post because my second batch is on its way hopefully around next week, the most !

So here are the boxes. The bigger one is from the auctions and well the other is from HobbyLink Japan.


First time I learned sewing was way back in Highschool which I’m totally thankful now that I choose that..because in our case we had this economics subject where in the whole class will be divided and each student has to choose what they wanted to learn specifically like sewing, cooking, electrical stuffs and a like. I randomly chose sewing for no particular reason ◉‿◉.

And when I got into cosplay (2010) that is where I officially started enhancing my sewing skills. Well not that I’m sooo good at it just the average as long as I can connect fabrics without sewing my skin within it (ˆ˘ˆ)(✌◠▽◠).

So so..when I saw this cute Dollfie Sewing book I just decided that I needed this in my life. I actually don’t have a real pattern when I sew (like my cosplay costumes before). What I do is trace random  RTW clothes in the fabric .. (^Д^) and just apply my measurements to it and other details.

Dollfie Dream Sewing Book (Maid Outfits)



Though this guide is specifically for Lolita / Maid outfits only but it will work just fine. I love lolita anyway 🙂 !


My baby approves ! (✌゚∀゚)☞

Wow it also has inner garments O_O Cool.


And awesomely it comes with a pattern as well (About time) ! Yay (ノ^_^)ノ

DSC_0172 DSC_0173

Basically its a good book! It shows you how piece by piece patterns will be attached to this and that. But the catch is it’s obviously written in Japanese 「(°ヘ°) I can read a few lines but the majority is still confusing ( ・◇・)?Good thing is the pictures are quite instructive itself so yeah thank you pictures! (・_・ヾ)


And now for the most exciting part (for me) ! It’s about time this new mate will work its body to the fullest XD I bought this a couple of months ago actually but I wasn’t able to use it yet. It felt too delicate for me that I find it difficult to get her so worked up (-_-)ゞ゛ but with my increasing children I just need too ヽ(•́o•̀)ノ

DSC_0175Isn’t she pretty (๑‵●‿●‵๑) It’s really a Happy Life with Kuma-kun \(◦’⌣’◦)/

DSC_0177 DSC_0179 DSC_0180


Well, my body is now ready lol. I’m quite excited to shop new fabrics, laces, ribbons etc ! Not so good like I said, I even used to hand sewn my full cosplay costumes because I didn’t have a machine before and probably it was meant ! Meant in a sense that fate did not let me buy before because I haven’t met Kuma at that time lols. ლ(o◡oლ)

When everything is ready I will start practicing asap ^_^ ..So I hope you guys liked this rubbish lol and happy sewing to us 🙂 See ya!!


Have a great weekend !

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