Doll Diaries : Docolla Himura Kenshin (Mini Pullip)

Hello guys.

Its been a stormy month and thankfully my net was fixed ヽ(^Д^)ノ . So today I will be showcasing my newly opened Docolla Kenshin !

Wasn’t a fan of these type of dolls actually because its too small for me..I prefer bigger ones ! But since it’s Kenshin so lets have an exception to that (ツ)_/¯. And also the main reason I bought this is because Rurouni Kenshin sequel will be out next month which add ups to the vibe!

DSC_0145It’s as small as Nendoroid I guess which is good since I can use my miniatures to him. And he’s so adorable, so small, so delicate like a baby ヽ(•́o•̀)ノ

(*PS : Whenever I hear or say the word “delicate” I can’t help but remember Takumi .. lol )

The package comes in with a very a few stuffs it’s just the supports and stand actually. I wish it had some samurai or whatever since it’s Kenshin but oh well ( ・◇・)?


DSC_0149DSC_0507I like how they emphasized the “X” scar which is the most significant trademark of our favorite swordsman !



I also got a new hair for my Mareeshka ! I think I’m settling with this one, I love pastel colors in hair. It feels so vibrant ! And as much as I want to do it with my own I just can’t. Well not entirely that I can’t.. it’s too scary for me coz I’ve never dyed my hair ever ! (°ヘ°)

So I guess that concludes today’s blog 🙂 A bunch of Japan auction stuffs are coming its way home in a few days and remember my “nameless” BJD, I have a name for her already and it’s kinda far from what I was brainstorming in the last post but nonetheless I am quite sure and happy with this one so see ya guys in the next post (。●́‿●̀。)




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