Headset : Razer Kraken Pro [White Edition]


This is actually out of topic in my blog title O_O but since I’m too shy to do a vblog for the unboxing, I thought of inserting it here. I’m a Razer faaaaan gurl ! And also I love collecting headphones, and Razer happens to have a lot of choices !


My first Razer headset was the Kraken 7.1 which is the coolest I’ve got so far but unfortunately it’s for PC use only because it’s connector is a USB type. Hence I cannot use it in my daily music life ! 😦 So next thing is I bought something which I can use with my ipod and stuffs which is the Razer Electra. I like its unique shape which is kinda cool and chose it over Razer Kraken Pro because it looks similar to the Kraken 7.1 minus the Logo with led lights, braided cable and USB connector.

And so here I am peacefully playing Dota, happily bonding with my new buddies but everything changed when the white version came and worst, the dreaded NEON. But after polling and debating with myself which one to get (again) I finally settled with the White one. And yes no regrets.

I know I said Kraken Pro looks exactly the same as 7.1 BUT PEOPLE THIS IS WHITE. I might be exaggerating but can you deny how sexy this headphone is? :O Though one thing that’s bothering me since its white is, it requires a high maintenance of course. It also happens to be very dusty here in the Philippines so goodluck with that.

DSC_0133It has the same microphone with the 7.1 which is retractable and flexible. Very comfortable and will not get in the way. The material in the “earphone” part is very smooth, I’m not sure what is that thing called but it is shiny so its easy to clean up!DSC_0134DSC_0138

As much as I wanted the cable to be white as well, I think its better to leave it black… I can’t imagine all the future staining ..  ┐(′Д′)┌

So here are my Razer babies “as of the moment” . . (that doesn’t sound right ┐(´•_•`)┌ )


See how the 7.1 lights up (ノ^_^)ノ Its cool right ?

Well what do you think ?? 🙂


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