Rilakkuma : Cupcake 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m not a fan of puzzles unless its Kuma or something related to anime maybe 😉 Because of the arrival of my tables yesterday I had an unplanned general cleaning in my room just to have the tables a nice, clean, comfortable place to live with LOL . . and my first activity with my dear table is this 3D Jigsaw Rilakkuma puzzle.


Its nothing super fancy but its cute 🙂 and its a cupcake anyways …ImageImage

and its assemble time! Each part has numbers so you won’t worry messing with it.Image

Working on the base.ImageImage

and Tadaaaa !! ImageImage

Also a few thrift loots \(^o^)/ Gum Ball dispenser, Laundry Clips, and Small wobbling figuresImageImageImage

And that’s it for today ! I haven’t had eaten anything yet since morning (╯°□°)╯︵ (\ .o.)\ but since I have these cupcakes lol all ready to be serve ~旦_(^O^ ) BRB *eatingImage

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