figma : Seto Sun ~Seto no Hanayome~ (Max Factory)

Who wants a mermaid and a yakuza for a girlfriend ? 🙂 I would if I were a boy lol.

I’ve been eyeing this figma for quite sometime already I just didn’t get the chance to purchase it sooner, but as they say its better late than never. I think I have a slight fetish for mermaids uh-uh >.< , I have a crush on Camie and Shirahoshi (One Piece) and this dearie is a non exception.

Presenting my Seto Sun ! All wrapped in one. A cute tsun-tsun high school mermaid not to mention that she came from a undersea Yakuza family. Now that’s for a bad-ass girlfriend 🙂


Comes with a fishtail of course, can’t miss that. I like the transition of the Figma where you can interchange her legs into a mermaid’s which is kinda cool right.


She also has neko ears ΦωΦ mehehe truly an adorable set this is. Imagine what would you get from a kawaii neko-chan and mermaid in one. .. TADAAAA ImageMermaid + Nyan Nyan is just sooo meh. Awesome sauce.

Other than Kuroneko, Azusa and Taiga, I’d definitely shipped Seto now as one of my fave nyan nyan girls.ImageImageImage
It was  drizzling when I took photos of her. Meaning there was not enough natural lightings for better photo outcome but just can’t resist so I still did it anyway haha.

One thing that makes Figma difficult for me is changing hands o(-`д´- 。) . These small joints is giving me a heart attack every time I change them like seriously. Did you know I even broke my Enma Ai’s nendo neck. I know FML, but good thing Revoltech joints seemed to fit in a little. And since you can order extra joints of Revoltech problem solved ヽ(•‿•)ノ

Having this sword in the set maintained the Yakuza factor within Seto. ..something we cannot disregard. Besides, she’s not your ordinary  high school girl in any sense.ImageImageImage

Good thing I did charge my laptop in full batt and remember I had connection problems ? Can only blog with my broadband stick 🙂 Because in the middle of posting this blog the electricity WENT OUT ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I just feel so lucky tonight HAHAHA. So I’m going to reward myself a nice soothing coffee and some cookies ヽ(ヅ)ノ  . Together with Seto came in Dead Master Nendoroid so I might check on her tomorrow (✌゚∀゚)☞


Happy Black Out everyone !!


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