Miniature : Gaming Consoles (PSP, Nintendo etc)

So I’ve been stressing on my connection for 2 weeks already. My internet provider sucks so much they haven’t fixed my line yet !! Today’s generation without net is just so dreadful 😦

I have been simultaneously using my BRO Stick , Pocket Wifi , and Phone Tethering because for some reasons each has its own USE. I can ONLY BLOG using BRO Stick (like hello ?), play Dota and browse Facebook with Pocket WIFI calmly staying at 180-200 ping good enough for me to push towers HAHA -_- .This took me a while before discovering which one is for which 😥

ImageI mentioned in my previous post that there’s nothing much in Senjyo’s nendo set, so few face plates so here you go, borrowed from Sawako-chan :)) and will borrow more lol. So anyways today a bunch of miniature goodies came in, something that could somehow take away the stress of my fail connection.

ImageThese brings back so much childhood memories. Don’t have any siblings so I don’t have much space to fight for in terms of playing in our family computer EXCEPT for my dad though. . O_O Our favorite was Battle City and Galaga !! We still have our “ancient” family computer fully kept with dust and spider webs in our old house. LOL

ImageI wasn’t much of a Super Mario fan before because I was more into tanks and such, sounds like a war freak. I remember how noisy that spring was whenever you put or remove the tapes.

And I don’t think we had this keyboard before hmmm. . (Photo below)

(That cutter in Senjyo’s hand is really disturbing plus her stare ..are you planning to stab someone :O )Image

Or this type of Nintendo (Photo below), we weren’t showered with lots of money when I was a kid so I had a few consoles. Though I had a game boy that I tend to drop most of the time 🙂 And that class A“brick game” where I first played tetris in black and white and I remember that there was this male voice screaming OH MY GOD whenever you’re about to fill in the whole screen.

Pokemon wasn’t on my list of games as well. I dont know maybe I just don’t like it before? :O As far as my memory goes I started playing pokemon when I was in high school already and now currently playing Pokemon X in my 3DS.

ImageWe have modern ones too! THOUGH I don’t have a Wii or a playstation myself 😦 So envious with my Nendoroid because these are for them -_-. Maybe I could invest on it some other time 🙂 I am too preoccupied with figures as of the moment. .


Got a few NDS, PSP and Game Boy mini keychains too.Image

Once you get into these kind of collections its just too addictive its hard to stop.. but they’re cute right  ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Next time, I’ll try posting about Rilakkuma also. I don’t want Kuma-kun to think I’m ignoring him. Until then have a great week everyone, its just Monday so keep those good vibes up  !


5 thoughts on “Miniature : Gaming Consoles (PSP, Nintendo etc)

    1. Where are you from ? I know a lot of local online shops in our country (PH) who sell those. Some are from surplus, 2nd hnd from co collectors or PO :3

      1. Damn… Any of those stores will ship internationally? I live in South America, so it’s kinda complicated…

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