Nendoroid : Senjougahara Hitagi ~Bakemonogatari~ Premium Box Editon (Good Smile Company)

Finally after years of laziness and inactivity in blogging I am BACK ! haha Not much for intros or whatever lets get into business. Today I will be showcasing my Hitagi Nendoroid which arrived  yesterday. I actually had a hard time retaking all pictures that was supposed to be posted here -_- MY MEMORY CARD got corrupted and I had no choice but to reformat the damn thing :)) and what else I got ? AN EMPTY card fuuu !! I haven’t even posted the pictures from my friends wedding that was like 2 years ago 😦 MOVING ON . ..

Hitagi-chuuu staring at her huge Premium Box.DSC_0009

DSC_0601DSC_0611 DSC_0613

I have long awaited the arrival of this nendoroid and the package its just perfect 🙂 Comes with 3 tin badges (pins) and 3 plastic illustrations by VOFAN, Akio Watanabe and Hajime Ueda. Just awesome sauce :)) I’m still deciphering whether to display the illustrations in my room or just keep it. The tin badges gets iron-stained when kept too long or even not, that’s just how it goes -_- I don’t know how to preserve it. Is there a way ? (┛◉Д◉)┛

“Hitagi Figure” short story by Nisio Isin

DSC_0602 DSC_0603ImageDSC_0588 DSC_0589 DSC_0590Look at those seeeexy posters :3 and the last pin kinda looks like Black Rock o_O

So since I lost most of the first batch pictures I took  of Hitagi-chuu, it was depressing to take same pictures all over again and not to mention that I can’t always take exactly the way it was before :O I don’t know its just me I guess 😦

DSC_0616DSC_0607DSC_0002Her accessories :’> trademark accessories, which one of the things I like about her. Imagine yourself having to keep various sharp and slight deadly school supplies under your skirt. And having your boyfriend’s mouth stapled anytime.

Though I was hoping for more stuffs with in the nendo set itself ? Like faces or something but well we can’t have everything >.<

The set goes with only 2 face plates, the main and dere, those school supplies  in the picture above ,2 hands holding a stapler and a cutter, an extra skirt and lastly a ponytail hair..overall, the package itself is still “posable” enough 🙂

DSC_0605DSC_0610DSC_0593DSC_0597DSC_0596DSC_0098Noticed scissor-kun cutting its way to Hitagi-chuu’s skirt (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

This is what I wish the figma had !! THAT  SIGNATURE POSE. Plus the panty shot and speaking of it her pantsu has cute drawings in it, its actually pretty cool. . but lets skip that part. NO FAN SERVICE HA HA HA


I don’t know who’s next but Shinku and Mayoi nendo is on their way home to me  🙂 Over all this package is worth every penny for collectors out there. Its Senjyogahara for cuteness sake ! Don’t think twice :p

Bye bye ~~


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