Easter Sunday at Water Garden (from Yuuno)

First photo was from my phone, R2 (and omgee why u so HD O__O )  and the rest were all from Yuuno and I still have another set from Nikolai 🙂 and will post it probably tomorrow because I still need to scan those :\
And its Nikolai’s vanity post as well~! Forgive him for that. >__<
It has been a wonderful Easter Sunday for me. Spending it with my best friends was great and memorable.
We didn’t swim though OTL/// but we still did have had so much fun in our own ways.
Playing and running around in fountains like kids XD. Hunting “shotas” and bad boys (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
 and taking lotsa lotsa photos all day long 🙂
Been a while since the 3 of us had this kind of activity so I was really happy.
Thank You for the free food and accommodation Pearl 🙂 and praying for more free food some other time again XDDDD
I hope everyone had a fine Easter too. I bet most of you did it wildly and wet, if you know what I mean 🙂
And did you find some eggs? xD

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