Semana Santa’s, Good Friday

Out of nowhere mama said we go out now. :\ Something that’s not likely her but we went out anyway.
The main street were packed with devotees and “just” people, well what would you expect? Its Good Friday.
For precautionary measures, I was very very hesitant to bring Yuuno..or any SLR I have D: Since I know that the place is crowded, messy and full of you know what and also because of my recent “snatch” incident there’s no way I’d risk it.
But standing there, made me feel resentful for NOT bringing any cameras. OTL
Good thing I have R2 (my Android phone) which I decided at first to leave at home too. 😐
(Yes I am emotionally and personally attached to my “gadgets”. I love them all. They make me happy. And I love that feeling)
During the street parade. Showcasing the story of Jesus, while he was with his disciples, convicted, punished, and to up to the cross in Calvary.

Jesus praying to his father the night he was about to be arrested.

I am not quite sure who are these people? They look like royalties.. (but seriously these stone figures really looks surreal O_o )

The start of carrying the cross all through out heading to Calvary..

Veronica, the lady who wiped Jesus face filled with blood
with her handkerchief and miraculously, Jesus’s face was marked on it.

Nuestra Senora Virgen de la Angustia

Martha, Lazaro’s sister.

Jesus, on the cross.

The Crowd. Partial crowd :\

The faithful ones. Devotees were circling each saints they were devoted too,
wiping their hanky’s or towels on the statues body and face.

Cathedral of Bacolod City, San Sebastian.

I missed the Last Supper caravan, it was getting more crowded.
After praying at the church we went home satisfied, happy and blessed.

Blessed Lenten everyone.

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