Cosplay : Flame of Recca

“I, Hanabishi, Recca, will follow your every wish from now on.
You are the only one who can be the master that I will protect.”

First of all. I’m sorry Von and Vench because it took me forever to finish this set D:
And too bad we only have a very few pieces of this because of the unfriendly weather we had during the shoot.
It was raining on and off. We kept running here and there for shelter. The rain would stop for a while but then the moment we step out, it rains again.
I don’t know how to make flames too …Β so much for depression.
But thanks to Vench for the quick tutorial, I barely manage to pull out a decent flame effect.
Or least now I have the “idea” on how to do it πŸ™‚
Flame Of Recca is also an integral part of my childhood anime days. I still remember how I created my own character in the series as one of the Hokage ninjas or Kurei’s lover ? LOL
So without further ado here’s the photos (very few photos OTL).
Von as Kurei Mori
Vench as Recca Hanabishi
Photo and Processing by: Me

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