Review: Zalora and AsianVogue

So I had a little date with my highschool BFF’s today. Had lunch at Mcdo and went on to cinema to watch Corazon  :||
Well the movie was..err..fine. I’m not so into Local movies (not that I don’t support my own) but nonetheless the movie was better than expected.
LOL in my expression up there :O when my skirt was crazily flying. While Dennis was having some “wardrobe dysfunction” with his belt.
Now, I mentioned in yestersday’s post that I will “try” to talk a little about the shoes I’ve ordered recently.
They’re not much but I love them all.
Got the Zalora package this afternoon and wow I was really surprised with how fast the shipment was.
They really make pride out of that service and I give them a plus plus 10 to that!
Apple, the one in charge in costumer service even said to expect the package within 2-3 days since I am from Visayas (because it only takes more or less than 3 hours if you are from Manila)
In terms of safety I guess I can assure you future buyers that they are prioritizing the safety of their costumers purchases.
If you try to look closely with the picture below, that is how they pack the items.
Wrapped in several layers of plastics and the shoe cases where enclosed in another box for more security.
And by putting that “fragile” seal this assures that the items should be handled with extra care.
This one is my mom’s. A pretty colorful wedge (Otto).
I can tell she likes it much, no bluffing. The wedge is indeed cute and according to her its very comfortable to wear.
The type of wedges where it might look heavy but its not which is pretty amazing!
And this one’s mine. An open-hoe slingback platform wedge.
It is bit high for my preferences but that just me because I am not so used with this kind of footwear.
Its just recently that I finally decided to have a changed of fashion sense.
I tried it and walked a few times and I guess there’s nothing to worry about.
It doesn’t even feel that tall, it’s like walking naturally with flats.
I’m a size 8 and I am happy with how it fits me just right. Not too loose or too tight.
I like it when there’s more covering for my feet (since I have a big one), for example this Wade which almost covers up your entire feet above but would still look cool because of its opening at the back part and in tip toes.
And my dear creeper from AsianVogue.
I was supposed to have 2 pairs, a black and this pink but these babies are getting extinct its hard to get my hands on them D:
While this fella is some treasure I found in thrifts ~!! and I wore it today.
IKR talk about being ucky. I never expected to find this kind of shoes here in our town but who knows 🙂
And to think that it perfectly fits me!!
I am excited much to wear the Wade and Creeper but I had to choose one for tomorrow  D:
So those are the shops I have bought something with recently and I am definitely coming back!
I am quite satisfied with my first purchases with them and would love to have some more in the future.
Well now I guess that’s it for today and have a nice weekend everyone  🙂

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