Whatnot Diary: Make-Up. Nothing too fancy.

I’m no good in make-up, but I’m happy with everything I have in my tiny box.
I don’t own fancy branded and expensive ones. Just simple sets I usually find at department stores.
Or sometimes in cheap Chinese shops and in online as well. Can’t miss that 🙂

Well, that’s basically all I have 🙂 and my cat agrees to that.
I miss posting my cup of hot choco and the mug by the way is a gift from Giqui.
Its a “magic mug”? like when you pour hot water on it..the pictures will appear 🙂
My creeper (thank you Asian Vogue) arrived yesterday and I am quite excited for my first wear.
You can see somewhere in the corner of my shoe rack, still with plastic!!  LOL
I will post the complete review about it in some other time with me and mom’s Zalora orders and a cute devil red Brogues I found in Multiply (́◉◞౪◟◉‵)
I rearranged my room again for the nth time but the bookshelf was unharmed.  :||
I like it better there..where you can see it as you enter my forest.
The vintage telephone was harbored from papa ~~ 🙂 because it suits my forest better than the living room :|| and take note its not just for display. It still works like a boss.Having a marathon of Star Wars for the past days as well.
Thanks to Von for sponsoring me with his VCD’s. I wasn’t much of a fan that’s why I never paid attention to it before and now I think I lost a decade of epicness.
Also finished reading Hunger Games (book 1) just this Monday considering that the movie is “almost” showing.
And because I also have a bad habit of forgetting some story lines if I read books way too long ago, so rereading is a basic survival O_OOur Flame of Recca shoot last Sunday is still on pending. Haven’t edited much of it, though I will hopefully this weekend.Did a little fabric shopping earlier btw with Ban and his seamstress. Excited much for my Sandplay because this is like a come back for me in cosplay since I was in hiatus for a very very long time.
The last time I cosplayed was October last year, in Animotion D:
I am not quitting yet..was just a bit fond of lenses recently XD So now I guess it’s time to get going and have some fun again ~!!  🙂

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