Outfit Diary: Forest Inspirations

Well I am very grateful with One Piece (anime) because it has led me to something very pretty. Indeed.
I found a site with lotsa dresses and outfits I could drool forever. Rakuten Global Market, an international site (just like Ebay) that offers a wide variety of apparels so you might like to check it out yourself 😀
These are the darlings I found in the market which gave a new wave of inspiration to me for my Mori fascinations.
(The first 9 Photos are owned by Rakuten Global Market and was just borrowed for reference and inspiration)

See how pretty these lovelies are? I can stare at them for hours or days and never get bored!

Those asymmetrical skirts. Knit coats, vests and leggings. Crumpled tops and furry ankle boots. I want them all D: If I have all stuffs like that, it doesn’t matter if I live in a tropical country, I will layer all I want!

For now, with all my bill issues and other stuffs I buy randomly, I cant afford to order these darlings (temporarily). But never lose hope, thrifts are saviors, especially if you are lucky enough.

A couple of weeks ago I found some suitable outfits via thrifts and online as well for my kind of style. Still looking for more, because it’s not like you get to find stuffs like this everyday. I still browse every now and then hoping for some haven.

These Snowflake Leg warmers and Leggings just arrived today ~!! 🙂

I’ll be ready soon enough.

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