Project: Lend a LOMO Chapter 1

Finally I’m starting on this. So here goes..

The idea was originally from a blog I have read owned by Ms. Jennie Castillo. She is a blogger, and well-known for selling very affordable lomo cameras in here site, SNAPNOOK. I am one of her costumers by the way and I  will personally endorse her products for they are worth a penny.
The idea of the project caught my attention that I just had the urge to start my own as well.
To make this looong story short, this “Lend a LOMO” project is basically about lending YOUR cameras (Lomo or Films to be specific) to your family, closest relatives or friends. Someone you trust that could take good care of your camera since you are lending it to them. Its actually your choice if you are confident with that person’s sense of responsibility.
Well, after the lending part, you then instruct the one you chose to go out there and have a click. Its that simple. Let the temporary owner do what he or she wants with the camera. Don’t tell them this and that because the major goal of the project is to let someone take a picture for you and surprise both of yourselves after. Its also like saying, lending someone’s memories to you.
I hope you get I what meant there D:

I was planning to start the project every month (starting this year) but then I realized it can’t happen. Its not like my friends and families are always available for something like this. So I re-planned it as whoever is available then that’s it.

Dear Ban (or Steven) was my first subject. I asked him out of nowhere though I must say that we already broke some rules before the project took place. I already knew he was going to Iloilo so that’s one of the no-no rule. You must not know where your subject is going or where he/she is taking the camera. Everything should be a surprise while the project is going on. But never mind on that, I shall try to be more careful next time. But otherwise everything went smoothly as much as possible, he gave my camera back in one piece. Though we were both worried with the results since films were prone to “exposed” issues.

And today I finally took the courage to develop the films had it scanned and happy to commence the start of this little project.

See my review about the application HERE.

I lend him my Vivitar PN2011 btw. What I like about this camera is its Panoramic feature (the photos with black frames).
Its pretty grainy when indoors..while on the other hand its much better outdoors.

About the Photos:
1st: Etude Haus
2nd: The Bay
3rd: Church
4th: Spanish House
5th: Traffic by the Over Pass
6th: Nostalgic Branches
And KUDOS for the last photo. Meet our subject, Ban is his not-so-scripted pose.

Well this is Lend a Lomo. Its not as spectacular as what you might think but its the effort and memories that counts.
From here on, I will gather up subjects and lend more LOMOS. hohohoho
I also give my thanks to Ms. Jennie again for letting me adapt with her project or for lending me her project 🙂
And Ban, for always being supportive. Thank You for your wonderful photos and for Kai as well for he was there with Ban helping him out 🙂
Though I must emphasize this that you Ban trolled me a lot before giving back the camera. Like when he said that he didn’t noticed that the auto focus was CLOSE and gave me heart attack D: Or for the joke that he was going to take photos of himself only which wasn’t funny at all
(゚Д゚ )ノ
Hence this closes my project for now. See ya.

Will you lend me your memories next time? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Project: Lend a LOMO Chapter 1

  1. Wow. I'm surprised! I thought I will fail and break your heart w/ the results. HAHA! It was TOUGH! SEE! I only have seven out of the 24 shots survived. But I'm glad and satisfied w/ the results. <3

    Thanks to Kai for giving me a helping hand. HAHA and I'm sorry for fooling around. But swear! I had a troll photo where I took a picture of myself in the toilet! XD

    I'll share this in my Tumblr soon (since I can't freely open at this time) Thank you Yuu for trusting me your Vivi <3 Good luck to the people next in line for the project! :)

    See you around!

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