Cosplay: Hunter-X-Hunter

Minna-san, here’s another old school anime for you. This was one of the best during my elementary days too bad it suddenly stopped but IT HAS RETURNED NOW lol.
Last time I was so Yellow with Durarara, now lets be Purplish and Greeny ~!!
Though I’d still prefer the old opening Song, Ohayou by Keno. It was more of an adventure song.
When you think back, Hunters were one of the first on the main stream before even Shinigamis, Ninjas and Pirates came !!
I remember rushing home everyday from school so that I could not miss any episode of HxH.
Well anyways, too bad we we’rent able to complete the quadro group but otherwise it was fun doing this.
Mac as Killua Zoldyck
Von as Gon Freecs
Photo and Processing by: Me

Yay. Our hunter exam is done ~!! BUT NEVER MIND THE CORN FIELD OF GON

The last photo was my favorite of Von’s (and so as Mac’s solo in the fantasy road …. that dark aura).
I tried to make it like a an HD movie poster but oh well. Shippai na 😀
The original was too dark I thought of making it a silhouette but it wasn’t much of a thrill.
Thanks to Mac and Paolo for helping me out with their human flash reflectors . I’m still getting the hang of it.
I don’t appreciate flashes before but now, I think twice. 😀
Sheila found us on the way (to fantasy road).. and had a little snap shots.
I noticed that I’m posting more photos now compared to my previous cosplay photoshoots.
I guess I’m getting more and better results? 🙂
What do you think?
(Shall we do Gundam Wing next? Ohohohoho ~)

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