Closet: Selling stuffs on eBay


Hello there. I am in poverty now so I decided to sell some stuffs from my closet.
Please do visit my eBay page.
I’m actually saving up for a lot of things. Upgrading my lens, will back up my main dslr body, needs new phone, so I’m letting them go big time D:
Some stuffs I’m selling are photography and cosplay related.
Not all my items due for sale is listed in eBay so would you be interested with these as well?
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Set (Hajime Saitou)


Satchel Bag (Brand New)
Blonde Ponytails: Ayamisatorou
(Thick, smooth, heat resistant, manageable) 
Bobcut Purple Wig: Eva
Wavy Gray Wig: Eva
2 Brand New Gray-White Clip-Ons: Grand Young (100cm)
(Black base wig NOT FOR SALE) 

White Knee High Boots (Size 7-8)

I still have lots of pending costumes, wigs and other stuffs that are yet to be for sale.
So just stay tuned for any updates. 

PM ME YOU INQUIRIES hereor you can comment below.

Thank You

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